Lando Buzzanca hospitalized, his conditions worsen: the complaint from his doctor

Lando Buzzanca’s doctor denounces a worsening of the actor’s condition, hospitalized for a few weeks after a fall

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The conditions are worrying Lando Buzzanca: the famous actor is hospitalized for a few weeks after a fall, but his state of health would already be got worse. His denounces it doctor via a Facebook post.

Lando Buzzanca’s doctor: “He’s skeletal”

It has been a long time now that Lando Buzzanca has been talked about only in reference to his precarious health conditions: suffering from one degenerative diseasethe actor is residing in an RSA for almost a year. On November 8, 2022, one fall from wheelchair led to hospitalization Twins of Rome.

The 87-year-old doctor Fulvio Tomaselli, denounced through his Facebook profile that after what he sarcastically defines as “loving care in an RSA”, the picture has even worsened. Buzzanca would now be “tragic shadow of himself, curled up in a bed, skeletal, exhausted, dramatically lucid“.

In his post, Tomaselli says he wants to show Lando’s photos and that he won’t do it just out of “respect for a world-famous Italian icon”. The actor’s trusted doctor had already reported the conditions last August 5, but “now it’s worse“.

What does the Italian actor suffer from

In another post, Tomaselli himself was keen to clarify what exactly are the pathologies from which Lando Buzzanca suffers. “He does not suffer from dementia, only aphasia and poor physical condition,” he pointed out.

The same disease that struck Bruce Willis, capable of leading to cognitive decline for those affected. For some time Buzzanca has been followed by a support administrator and his health conditions are the basis of a bitter family battle.

Admitted since December 27, 2021 in an Rsa, the girlfriend Frances Della Valle and his doctor fight for him to go home, while the opposition is the son Maximilian. The family also opposed the marriage between the two.

Who is Lando Buzzanca: life and career

Born as Gerlando Buzzanca to Palermo in August 1935, Lando is one of the best known actors in the world of Italian cinema. After some pop films, including Ben Hurofficially debuted in 1961 in Italian divorce and from there his career took off.

He has worked with some of the greatest Italian directors: Antonio Pietrangeli, Luciano Salce, Dino Rice, Castellano and Pipolo, Steno, Victor De Sica, Alberto Lattuada, Lucius Fulcioften playing stereotypical female-loving Sicilian male roles.

In 2013, he was found unconscious at home and with cuts on the veins of his wrists: he himself confirmed the attempted suicide. Three years later he was among the faces of the eleventh edition of Dancing with the Stars. Among the latest films also Who will save the roses? (2017), where he plays with Charles Delle Piane an elderly homosexual couple.


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Lando Buzzanca hospitalized, his conditions worsen: the complaint from his doctor

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