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Laura Torrisi, former partner of the Florentine director Leonardo Pieraccioni, with whom she also starred in the old film A Beautiful Wife, spoke during one of her hosted in the living room of the rotogravure conducted by the legendary Silvia Toffanin about her ordeal against a fortunately eradicated disease. Her confession that broke her fans’ hearts in two …

PS Write me is the title of the work of Laura Torrisiwhere the woman told of her long and complicated journey to try to defeat a bad disease that had unfortunately chosen her …

Laura Torrisiin one of its guests dating back to Saturday 9 October 2021 a Very true, the highly popular rotogravure of Canale 5, conducted by the wonderful Silvia Toffanin, premiered the book PS Always write to me in which he retraced the ordeal he had to face later the diagnosis of endometriosis occurred in 2009. “It is a truly disabling chronic disease, both psychologically and physically. When I was on the set of the fiction The honor and the respect I took up to seven painkillers a day. I was struggling to make it to the end of the day”Said the beautiful Sicilian actress who then immediately added“ Entering and leaving the operating room is destabilizing. I’ve been open and closed so many times now I can no longer undergo so many operations“.

Martina’s arrival changed (almost) everything

An insidious disease that – apparently – still affects his life today: “It was hard because when I was diagnosed with it it was already in an advanced stage. I’ve had some bad times, even though I didn’t get depressed. I didn’t know if I could have children and this thing terrified me most of all ”, Laura revealed with a lot of emotion in her heart. But then the turning point came: “Then, it came my daughter Martina and I found the energy to face the rest “, he confided talking about his daughter, born in 2010, from the relationship with the ex-partner Leonardo Pieraccioni.

He asked for help

TO Silvia Toffanin who asked her, with great delicacy, if she ever had psychologically help, she candidly confessed: “In the darkest moments I asked for psychological help because, as much as family and friends may try to understand, only those who have tried such a pain he can fully understand it ”.

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Another theme that is dear to the Sicilian artist is that of violence against women. In this regard, he declared: “Violence takes different forms. There is not only the one made of barrel, but also the psychological one. My life has been studded with people like this“. A very strong confession – certainly – that left most people shocked. Shortly after, the woman also wanted to add some reflections of her on the subject: “” I also wondered what was hiding inside me for ato draw such subjects. I took the time to understand the reasons by doing a lot of introspection ”.

Eventually she managed to look inward and in fact revealed: “I’ve learned my lesson. Now I’m fine alone too. Maybe the right man will come, but if he doesn’t it’s not the end of the world“.

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Laura Torrisi and the disease diagnosed in an already advanced state | Confession – Show Only

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