Letizia Ortiz’s Mango dress went around the world, thanks to the look (and a nice gaffe)

What would you do if you were faced with someone dressed exactly like you at a very important event? The nightmare of any fashionista has become a (public) reality with lots of photos and media coverage all over the world. The protagonist is Letizia Ortiz and her reaction was the most chic that could be adopted: a good and healthy laugh. The Queen of Spain participated in the 30th edition of the Royal Council on Disability and for the occasion she showed off a new dress from her wardrobe. A black and white dress signed Mango of the new Party and Ceremony collection. All perfect so far if it were not that when there winner of the Queen Letizia Disability awards Awards, Inmaculada Vivas Teson, stood up to thank the queen she appeared in the the exact same dress, paired with black pumps just like Letizia Ortiz. A hug, a laugh and the shot went around the world (fashion). The situation made us smile too. Suffice it to say, in fact, that the queen usually recycles clothes already present in her wardrobe and the occasions in which she introduces new trendy pieces are increasingly rare. The chances of this nice curtain were therefore very low.

Letizia Ortiz’s Mango dress.

Carlos Alvarez H.Getty Images

Letizia Ortiz’s dress is (already) the Spring Summer 2022 trend. A sleeveless midi model with a round neckline, the flared cut and the fluid fabric follow the natural lines of the body, enhancing it to the nth degree. The skirt is enriched with a pleated detail that stands out thanks to the juxtaposition of contrasting colors. The dress divided vertically into geometric brushstrokes appears as a painting to be observed, loved and worn. The ensemble is completed by a black belt tightened at the waist with an adjustable buckle that enhances the silhouette and gives movement and fluidity to the structure.

dress letizia ortiz

The delivery of the award to Queen Letizia Disability winner, dressed exactly like Queen Letizia.

Carlos Alvarez H.Getty Images

How to wear Letizia Ortiz’s black and white dress?

Unsurprisingly, this outfit was repeated at the same event x2. An elegant dress that, thanks to its design and the contrast of colors, captures and keeps the attention. On these occasions, however, it is important not to be neglected. Styling is key and this time too Letizia Ortiz showed us a textbook total look. The Queen of Spain chose an elegant black bag by Hugo Boss and to complete the whole thing sharp vinyl pumps by Magrit. Both accessories are among Letizia’s favorites that she has chosen to wear them on countless occasions. Letizia Ortiz showed us the perfect yin and yang dress which in addition to being the style inspiration we have been waiting for is also the definitive mood with which we want to face the coming season. In perfect balance and with a healthy laugh.

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Letizia Ortiz’s Mango dress went around the world, thanks to the look (and a nice gaffe)

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