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Vite al Limite is one of the most followed programs ever on Real Time. The story of people affected by obesity they interest thousands of spectators and Dr. Nowzaradan has become a real icon, as well as the protagonist of many memes. But there’s certainly no shortage of drama.

A real massacre is the one that occurred to the characters in Lives at the Limit. Another historic protagonist of the show died recently.

The last protagonist also died | Instagram photos @realtime

A sudden, hard death is what shocked the fans of one of the most followed and discussed programs of Real Time. Dr Nowzaradan’s program has lost another leading lady. People who turn to Dr. Younan Nowazaradan’s program also automatically become the protagonists of the broadcast on Real Time, Vite al Limite, entering the hearts of viewers who want to understand the reasons that led to obesity. Following the characters in the show also means learning stories of pain and knowing that unfortunately they may not make it.

Lives to the Limit: dead historical protagonist

The health status of patients who come to Dr Nowzaradan is clearly at high risk. Widely compromised due to obesity and because they don’t know if the weight loss path they will implement from that moment will actually lead to a better lifestyle. There are problems and they often become unsolvable. The operation, usually gastric bypass, is very risky. The doctor only accepts people weighing up to 300 kg, so all those who exceed this must first follow a strict diet.

Coliesa McMillian dies: Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient

The success of the broadcast was so important that it led to eight seasons, plus the spin-off Lives to the limit and then, who follow up with patients post-surgery to check progress. Some of the patients actually make it and build a new life for themselves, others also participate in the transmission Skin Tight (excess skin) to remove all leftover skin due to excessive weight loss. Others though don’t make it and in fact, since the program started there were six deaths: six patients who lost their lives. Some of them during the registration phase, some after. Among them also Coliesa McMillian, who died at the age of 41 on 23 September. Her death occurred due to the consequences of the infection that arose after gastric bypass. The woman weighed 290 kilos and lost her life during the recording of the eighth season of Lives to the limit.

lives borderline dead
Lives on the edge, a massacre | Instagram photos

Just before Coliesa, Kelly Mason was also killed during the recordings. The woman died at the age of 42 on February 15, 2019. She had appeared in the seventh season and was the second patient to die during the filming of the series. When she arrived at Dr. Nowzaradan she in fact weighed 32 kilos, she had managed to have an operation and reached 182 kilos. Unfortunately, during the filming of her, her heart gave out due to heart failure.

Another mourning that devastated the viewers of Vite al Limite was that of Destinee LaShaee who came to Dr Nowzaradan when he weighed over 270kg to try and change his life. She was also the first transgender protagonist. She had shown her successes on her social networks until her sudden disappearance. According to local newspapers, the woman, who suffered from depression, decided to take her life.

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Lives on the edge, a massacre | The last protagonist also died –

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