Lorella Cuccarini and Silvio Testi: «We were both in a relationship. We got married after six months»

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Together for 31 years: «He was the producer of Baudo, I found him beautiful. The ups and downs, the silences, he never liked the frivolous side of my work»

“When they paint us as the Mulino Bianco family, it makes me laugh a little.” Lorella Cuccarini37 years of career, the smile as a signature even in the less simple moments, she has been married to the producer Silvio Testi for 31 years but she is keen to make a relationship that is not (just) a fairy tale three-dimensional.

A solid bond, four children, but you are not the Mulino Bianco family, he says.

“The perfect family doesn’t exist. There have been difficult moments, but we have always tried to overcome the impact of the personal crises of each of us together”.

Were there many?

«In the course of a lifetime there can be many, yes: from the loss of loved ones to working ones. The secret is to always try to dab, on both sides. Be supportive, but also not create interference».

What do you mean?

«I see how my husband handles difficulties: he has a very different approach from mine. I am someone who brings out what I feel, I face things head on. Even together, because I think shared weights become lighter. But Silvio is not like me: he needs his spaces, his silences. If you don’t understand this, you risk not valuing the person you love. So I respect those moments of silence that are part of his character as he respects my volcanic way of doing things. We are two sides of the same coin. But it works.”

Can the diversity of the other be a bit heavy before being accepted?

«Just remember that we are single individuals before being a couple. I never forced Silvio to accompany me to events or even just to take pictures together. I know that he was born as a man behind the scenes, he has never loved the more frivolous side of this job. But I haven’t stopped going to premieres: I go alone or with a child, but I don’t experience his absence as an affront any more than he doesn’t sulk at me if I go out. We are very free.”

Even physically? Some people need separate spaces.

“No, we don’t think about it at all. It’s so nice to be together, especially on the rare times we get together with the boys, let alone ever get away from it.”

Yet your beginning was a gamble, right?

“We got married after six months of engagement. I liked him right away: he was Pippo’s music producer in Fantastic 6. I found him very beautiful and I liked his creative world. But I was just starting out, then I was in a relationship and so was he, so the last thing I wanted was to send messages: everything had remained within the scope of esteem. Then, when I moved to Mediaset, I needed someone to work for me on a musical level, so I called him back. At that point we were both free…”

And six months later you were husband and wife. Very rock.

«Everything was so beautiful that it looked like the piece of the puzzle that completes a wonderful design and that it would have been extremely difficult to find, dispersed among so many other pieces. Together we had created the perfect joint: she asked me to marry him at Christmas and I didn’t think about it for a moment ».

How were the reactions in the family?

“My mother was a bit perplexed at the time, but only because of the speed of it. But she always trusted me a lot. She said, ‘If that’s what you feel, that’s fine.’

What if one of your children tells you that he will marry someone he met six months ago?

“Well we couldn’t really breathe a word. I think guys know how to give the right importance to marriage. I have the feeling that today this step is taken lightly, as if everything could be done and undone. As far as I’m concerned it’s not like that, then I’m a believer: marriage before the Lord has immense value for me. I would just remind my children that it’s not a game.”

The best surprises he has given her?

«There have been so many… the ones that strike me the most are the ones that are worth the sacrifices: Silvio was able to travel even six hours by car to stay with me for two hours and come back. For me, these are crazy gifts.”

And she to him?

«Silvio loves to go by boat, but he’s never had one. His father was a fisherman, this thing has remained inside him. A few years ago, unbeknownst to him, I organized a boat trip to Greece: he came to the airport unaware of everything and he really appreciated it ».

What does he think of his positions? She also expressed herself on the Covid vaccines, saying that he hadn’t done it.

«I believe that we are free people and intelligent enough to understand what is right for us. Regardless of the topic, Silvio always advises me to “stay calm”: he knows how things work, how opinions can be reported and occasionally we discuss this. But I’m transparent, I can’t hide anything, that’s how I am. And then I think it’s bad not to take positions. Of course, I act a lot from my stomach and from my heart and, at times, a little from my head. Conversely, he is too thoughtful and brainy: you risk building castles that do not exist in reality».

Speaking of belly acting, Heather Parisi’s words said on TV by Cristiano Malgioglio commented on Instagram with smileys that cover their mouths…

«It made me smile a lot to hear that we are always in contact when I was also blocked by her, on social networks. That said, I have nothing against Heather, even though the epilogue of our show, Beloved enemy, it was different from what I had hoped… In short, even if I was sorry for how we had parted and even if there was no more relationship, for me the esteem for a professional that I have always appreciated remains. But, well, we haven’t heard from each other since. I haven’t seen the broadcast, so maybe she was being sarcastic too.”

In his career there have been some moments of difficulty, some less brilliant years. How do you remember them?

«When you come to terms with a journey that has lasted 37 years, there is no character who hasn’t had ups and downs, it’s normal. The important thing is never to lose the sense of one’s own worth, something I’ve always tried to keep very clear. Sometimes things don’t work out, but when there are critical moments you don’t have to question yourself too. Well, I’ve never lost the sense of my worth and I don’t say it with bravado. But I know what I’m worth and what I could do. We are almost always our greatest enemies.”

A farsighted look that helps to overcome even the inevitable turmoil in a long marriage?

«Silvio and I belong to the generation of those who fixed everything: when something broke, you didn’t replace it immediately, because perhaps you had made sacrifices to get it. Now we treat everything, even feelings, like the things we own: if they break, they’re thrown away. But relationships, except when they are not healthy, must be fixed because otherwise we will never find our peace. Well, I’m very good at fixing.”

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Lorella Cuccarini and Silvio Testi: «We were both in a relationship. We got married after six months»

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