Luisa Ranieri gorgeous in costume, the rare photos on Instagram with Luca Zingaretti

Summer is slowly giving way to a melancholy autumn, but Luisa Ranieri he is still enjoying the last warm rays of sunshine before returning to his many daily commitments. And she, although always very reserved, this time she has decided to share some glimpses of the family holidays with her fans: the photo with Luca Zingaretti they are truly wonderful, a true hymn to love.

Luisa Ranieri, the rare family photos

Gorgeous and very talented actress, Luisa Ranieri she is one of the most loved protagonists of Italian television. And despite his incredible success, has always been very careful to preserve her most intimate sphere: this time, however, she wanted to make an exception, giving her fans some beautiful photos of the family holidays. Like every year, summer is the time for her to disconnect from the daily routine and retire to an oasis of peace together with her husband Luca Zingaretti and their daughters, Emma and Bianca.

Their buen retiro is a Pantelleria, an island of amazing colors: lots of relaxation, breathtaking views and a few dives in crystal clear waters are all they need to regenerate after a long working season. As evidence of this wonderful holiday, Ranieri shared a series of really delicious shots, which portray some of the sweetest moments spent in the family (and not only). For the occasion, in fact, the actress wore a very elegant black costumewith the straps twisted behind the back: it is simply gorgeous.

And then many photos that see her next to Luca, in small gestures of affection, and in the company of their two girls, having fun between the sea, the pool and long days outdoors. “But in what sense ‘summer is almost over’?” – Luisa Ranieri asked herself on Instagram, almost as if she wanted to stop time and freeze the hands of these wonderful weeks spent with the family. Soon, in fact, she and her husband will have to go back to work, while Emma and Bianca will start going to school again. The holidays are almost over, but there are so many good memories that will come home with them.

Luisa Ranieri and Luca Zingaretti, between love and work

Very close in private life, Luisa Ranieri and Luca Zingaretti always have been very close also on the set. But their paths, professionally speaking, have now separated some time ago. Both very successful protagonists that they are divided between cinema, television and theater, they are often struggling with jobs that take them away from home. Ranieri finished filming the second season of the fiction The investigations of Lolita Loboscoalready highly anticipated by the public.

While Zingaretti, after having concluded the splendid saga dedicated to Commissioner Montalbano, he devoted himself to another interesting project that led him to no less than in prison. Given the success of the first season de The king, Sky has indeed announced a new series of episodes. Apparently, filming has already started: the actor probably took a few days to relax to be with his family, but now he will have to return to the set. On the other hand, fans are looking forward to the second season on TV, even if there is still a little to wait.

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Luisa Ranieri gorgeous in costume, the rare photos on Instagram with Luca Zingaretti

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