Manila Nazzaro shock: «I’m not getting married to Amoruso anymore. New columnist at GFVip? It takes the pal * and “

Manila Nazzaro was one of the undisputed protagonists of the last edition of Big Brother Vip. And her adventure, made up of ups and downs, inside the most spied-on house in Italy was accompanied by a single certainty: that there was waiting for her outside the red door. Lorenzo Amoruso. And as the months went by, the news began to circulate that, once the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, the former Miss Italy would have married her love. But, now months after the end of the program, Manila upsets everyone and the weekly who announces: “I’m not getting married anymoreHere because”.

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In a long interview with Alfonso Signorini’s weekly, Manila Nazzaro announced that for the moment she has decided not to marry her partner Lorenzo Amoruso anymore. Their love story made viewers of Big Brother Vip 6 dream and, right in the Cinecittà loft, the two talked about marriage. It seemed, therefore, it was imminent, instead i programs have changed.

“We don’t turn around. It is not airHe revealed Manila Nazzarotalking about marriage with Lorenzo Amoruso. So she explained: “This is not the time, but we are fine this way. I have two children and I have to keep my balance in a serene way. The marriage, if it comes, will come. We will not have children. We have our perfect picture. Why ruin it? Sure, if life were to come straight in, who am I to stop it all? Maybe”.

But his missed marriage it was not the only topic addressed in the interview because the seventh edition of the Big Brother Vip. In September Alfonso Signorini will welcome the new Vippos inside the House, but he will still have to work and sweat a lot to put together the new cast of competitors and above all to find a new columnist to take the place of Adriana Volpe.

From the latest rumors, in fact, Sonia Bruganelli will return to the uncomfortable chair of columnist of GF Vip 7, but will need a shoulder. So to Chi they ask her if there is a possibility that she is the new columnist: «I’ll be honest: I’m not cynical. I read that Sonia Bruganelli will do it again. I was a guest of the show ‘The books of Sonia’ and I also discovered the sweet part of her. She is perfectManila said.

“I’m sorry for Adriana. But this world is like that. Do not underestimate the role of commentator, it takes the pal * e. I have them, but they are too emotional and empathic “, concluded Manila, closing any hypothesis of seeing her in the Mediaset studio together with Sonia and Alfonso Signorini. It is not yet known who will take the place of the Fox, but time is running out and we are sure that once again this year the choice will fall on an effective character.

Last updated: Thursday 30 June 2022, 10:57


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Manila Nazzaro shock: «I’m not getting married to Amoruso anymore. New columnist at GFVip? It takes the pal * and ”

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