Maria De Filippi violently attacked by one of the former protagonists of Men and Women. Beyond belief

A fuss arises to men and women, the queen of television under accusation and the words are very heavy.

A program like Men and Women, where at the center there are ordinary people who go on television to look for their other half, certainly also brings with it many controversies, disappointments and broken hearts, very often we are passionate about stories that are being born or are furious for the betrayals that are discovered, in short, everyone is under the microscope to discover, layer by layer, the facts concerning the different relationships.

But also the landlady, as well as creator of the program, not it fails to be pilloried by the media on certain occasions and just like that it happened not so long ago when really a former protagonist has raised heavy controversy towards Queen Mary.

One of the former knights of the throne over of the most famous datin show in our country expressed particularly heavy criticisms on the transmission that gave him notoriety (which perhaps in the end he was not looking for), but not only, he also used strong words towards the landlady, Maria De Filippi.

The character in question was one of the most discussed and talked about by Men and Women, besides having been a suitor of the ladies among the ladies, Gemma Galgani, with whom he had also started a love story, we are obviously talking about Giorgio Manetti.

Man has always made arguments for his free spirit, so much so that they had given him the nickname of seagull, for his wanting to fly from one side to the other and not being able to settle anywhere, in fact even the relationship with Gemma was finally wrecked, later Giorgio decided that this was no environment for him and he has completely abandoned not only the program but the whole panorama of the show returning to his past life.

Maria De Filippi

However, having been a very influential character in the broadcast, he is still particularly popular today and there are interviews in which he is often asked about his experience, even during an interview. he released some really heavy statements towards men and women making a comment also on Maria De Filippi.

The uncomfortable statements of Giorgio Manetti

Giorgio Manetti said, “Gemma will never leave Men and Women: it is convenient for Maria to stay there, makes fun of his program “very strong words those pronounced by the former knight accusing Maria of being only a strategist, not caring about people’s feelings for the good of the program.

In many affectionate ones, after this so bad and ruthless affirmation, they openly sided in defense of the program and its hostess, besides that of Manetti it seems so much a move to draw attention to oneselfperhaps because in the end he didn’t mind the popularity of the show so much, who knows.

Maria De Filippi

Furthermore, rumors speak of a possible participation in the next edition of Big Brother 7if so he would have already made his way for some publicity.

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Maria De Filippi violently attacked by one of the former protagonists of Men and Women. Beyond belief

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