Massimo Ranieri and the night in the hospital after the accident: “What a fall, but soon I’ll be back in the theater”

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The 71-year-old artist has already been discharged by Cardarelli after the accident. Affection in the ward: lots of applause and there were those who sang Red Roses

I can’t wait to get back on stage. I’m sorry for the audience who came to see me, but to them and to all the others who are ready to follow me to the theater, I say I’ll be back on stage soon. Massimo Ranieri smiles with his boyish gaze while he is discharged from the Cardarelli hospital and, thinking of his return to the theater, he tries to ignore pain in the shoulder and ribs decisively dribbling the fans and onlookers who try to approach him.

The accident

The artist on Friday night fell while he was on stage at the Diana theater in Naples with the show I dream and I am awake, brought back to the scene after a pause imposed by the lockdown. He was singing Twenty years when has put a foot wrong on the ladder that leads to the audience and hit his head and back. A bad blow and a lot of fear but, after a night in the hospital, the ending after all reassuring: yesterday afternoon the artist was discharged. And returned home, his family home in Naples, to face a period of convalescence. He will have to stop for at least a couple of weeks and rest. Everything starts around 9.30pm on Friday. Ranieri on stage, blue tuxedo, acclaimed by the audience and when he starts to approach the audience he falls. The boys in the orchestra stop playing, the audience holds their breath, the doctors in the room help him while he remains alert and lucid. Claudia Mirra – who owns the theater together with her family and who considers Massimo a friend rather than an artist – comes and organizes aid.

Affection in the hospital

Ranieri is taken by ambulance to Cardarelli, in particularly agitated hours for the largest hospital in the South, which faces an uninterrupted overbooking of patients. The news of his presence spreads quickly – someone applauds, there are those looking for him to ask him for an autograph, there are those who start walking around in the emergency room to locate him and shake his hand and offer him solidarity – and the need to guarantee privacy and discretion is imposed. : is moved to the Reanimation area. Instead of in the emergency room he seemed to be in the stadium, someone also sang Red roses while others applauded one of the doctors who decided to remove the artist from collective attention tells the story.

A broken rib and injured shoulder

In the meantime, some tests are arranged, which give comforting results. The patient awake and conscious, hemodynamically stable, valid spontaneous breathing emphasizes the medical bulletin. The tests, it should be noted, revealed the presence of a fracture in the VII right rib, pain fairly controlled with anti-inflammatories. Then there is a shoulder injury: it is essential to block the limb to proceed with the discharge, but on a Saturday afternoon it is less easy than it seems to find a brace. The artist paws, he wants to leave and around 5 pm he is finally discharged. He leaves the hospital together with his manager Marco De Antoniis who relieved: it was a huge fright, but in bad luck the situation was resolved well. Massimo had a great night and now he has to recover. Claudia Mirra, and the other owners of the Italian theaters that have Ranieri’s show on the bill, are ready to welcome him back when he is ready. We wait for him as soon as possible – he says -. And his audience can’t wait to applaud him again. A loyal audience who remembers that it is not the first time that he has an accident on the scene. a generous and always very physical artist.

The other accidents

Ranieri a sort of Italian Tom Cruise, faces his shows spending himself in athletics, extreme dances, physical tests. And sometimes there have been small accidents: it happened in the eighties, when he was in the company of Monica Guerritore in the comedy. The twelfth nightand when he was on tour with the musical Barnum for which he had been preparing for months at the circus of Liana Orfei. And, later, also in the play by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi The great champion dedicated to Marcel Cerdan, the boxer loved by Edith Piaf.

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Massimo Ranieri and the night in the hospital after the accident: “What a fall, but soon I’ll be back in the theater”

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