Massimo Ranieri’s health conditions after falling from the theater stage and being hospitalized at Cardarelli

Medical Bulletin: Massimo Ranieri has a broken rib and several bruises. He is in pain and sorry for interrupting the show yesterday due to a bad accident, the disastrous fall from a ladder on the stage of the theater. Tour suspended.

Sore but basically quiet night for Massimo Ranierithe popular Neapolitan singer, actor and director starring in a bad accident during an exhibition at the Diana Theater of Naples, Vomero district, on the evening of May 6. Ranieri, 71, fell down a ladder in the middle of the stage while singing, probably after putting a foot wrong, shortly after the start of his concert, while singing the third piece in the set, one of his hits, “Vent ‘years”.

The artist – who never has lost consciousness – was initially rescued by the people present in the stalls – among whom there were also doctors -. At the same time, 118 was alerted and quickly arrived in via Luca Giordano, where the historic hilltop theater is located; Ranieri was led to the First aid of the Cardarelli hospital in Naples where he was subjected to diagnostic tests and kept under observation for suspected chest trauma and various bruises. Marco De Antoniishead of Flender Produzioni, confirms that Ranieri had no more serious repercussions from the bad accident.

Massimo Ranieri’s medical bulletin

The response of doctors of Cardarelli speaks of broken right rib, bruises in the right shoulder and lumbar spine. He could be discharged in the next few hours:

the patient is awake and conscious, hemodynamically stable, spontaneous breathing valid. The tests carried out revealed the presence of a rib fracture on the right VII rib, pain fairly controlled with anti-inflammatories. No other types of injuries are evident at the moment.

The artist made known through an intermediary of his “regret for having interrupted the show” entitled “Sogno o son desto”, during which he would have offered his audience all the best of his most beloved and most prestigious repertoire.

Meanwhile on Instagram it the artist’s staff denies any further physical problem and the hypothesis of an illness at the root of the accident: “The staff wants to reassure everyone that Massimo Ranieri is fine, he was not ill and he does not have a head injury, only a fractured rib He will return to his beloved audience as soon as possible” .

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The “Dream or I am awake” tour suspended

Ranieri’s show, as often happens at Diana, one of Ranieri’s favorite Neapolitan places for his shows, had been selling out for days. The recovery times are announced in the order of weeks: for now the singer of “Losing love” will take a period of rest to be able to return to his beloved stage in the best possible way. His tour included stops in Parma, Cesena, Sanremo, Livorno, Rome and Terni after the evenings in Naples. But it was suspended.

The moments after Ranieri's accident

The moments after Ranieri’s accident

Hundreds of certificates of solidarity and wishes for a speedy and full recovery on social networks from both his admirers and his colleagues and – again via social media – also some ironies for the Cardarelli hospitalizationthe same Neapolitan hospital ended up in the storm in recent days due to the long waits of patients in the emergency room.

(article updated on Saturday 7 May, 10.30 am)

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Massimo Ranieri’s health conditions after falling from the theater stage and being hospitalized at Cardarelli

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