MasterChef Italy, Francesco attacks the judges: «Remember that we are people»

An unprecedented Black Mystery Boxit Skill Tests under the severe gaze of the starred chef David Scabin it’s a surprise double elimination seasoned with not too veiled controversies. It was an episode of MasterChef Italia full of tension that aired on Thursday 5 January on SkyUno and in streaming on NOW, which ended with a dig shot at the judges by the now former competitor Francesco Girardi. But let’s go in order.

The fourth episode of this twelfth edition of the Sky Original show (produced by Endemol Shine Italy) opened with a novelty: a Black Mystery Box, containing salts and peppers, which proved to be fatal for aspiring chefs. According to George Locatelli it treated of the worst performance of the year and, in addition to having claimed several victims (Letizia, Giuseppe and Rachele sent to the Pressure Test), it unleashed the first fight of the evening. Letizia and the chef are the protagonists Antonino Cannavacciuolowho defined the competitor’s dish – chicken and mushrooms sautéed with Sichuan pepper and Andean salt on crispy rice with pak-choi – hospital food. This dish reminded me of when they operated on me for appendicitis, said the new three-star Michelin, pointing out her mistakes to the young amateur cook. Criticisms not received by Letizia, who continued to defend her work: I likehis comment. Words that left Cannavacciuolo perplexedwho spreading his arms had to ask his colleagues for help.

To the pressure test to fall was for Rachelewho served a chicken blanquette out of anxiety raw.

Special guest of the episode was the chef David Scabinwho in the role of special commissioner, evaluated (together with the judges) the competitors grappling with the Skill Tests. A test that saw them busy on three traditional Italian dishes exported around the world: gnocchi with Genoese pesto, spaghetti alla chitarra with meatballs and milanesa a la napolitana. And if the gnocchi went without major twists, it was the spaghetti and meatballs ad ignite spirits again. Silvia does not notice that the stove is off, and, called to taste by the judges, presented an empty plate. In many years of MasterChef first time it happens to me – exclaimed an angry Bruno Barbieriyou should go homeit’s okay that after there is another test.

One last test, that of the cutlet covered with sauce, mozzarella and ham, which saved Silvia, and condemned Francesco G. and Letiziathe worst of the Skill Test. Francesco, once he learned of the elimination, thus addressed Cannavacciuolo, Barbieri and Locatelli: Every now and then remember that in front of you there are not only aspiring chefs, but people. Cannavacciuolo, to reply, chose to address the competitors still in the race: If we didn’t take into consideration the fact that we have people in front of us, believe me, there would be no one on that balcony.

Finally there was time for one last twist: also Joy she had to take off her white apron. The milanesa fried at 110 degrees has not already gone down to chef Barbieri: a rookie mistake, unacceptable at this stage of the competition.

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MasterChef Italy, Francesco attacks the judges: «Remember that we are people»

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