Mediaset launches the attack, replaced by her, the news is shocking

At Mediaset’s are taking important decisions for the next programming and the budgets speak for themselves, she has been cut and replaced.

Mediaset also has its work cut out in this period for making decisions that can be really difficultbut it’s time to take stock and certainly no longer get caught up in sentimentality when running one of the most important companies in Italy, of course in this case the decision taken by TV giant has created a real earthquake.

We are in that period of the year in which broadcasters have to put a point on the situation, another television year is coming to an end, the programming of great intensity in fact develops between September and May, these months give the measure of how the turnover and how to plan the next summer slot.

There are so many television programs that keep the company of thousands of people in Italy every day it is important to choose carefully how to organize the schedule, especially in view of the summer period. For this reason Pier Silvio Berlusconi and his incredible staff, right now they are making important decisions and at the same time complex making cuts that will leave the public really baffled.

What emerges is the desire to keep the information and current affairs programs active even in the hottest periods of the year, with an eye on how to organize the very popular Afternoon Fivewhich, as we know, sees the queen of talks at the helm Barbara D’Urso, a role that has accompanied her since 2008.

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Furthermore, D’Urso at this time is the hostess of another program that is receiving great support from the public, reality La Pupa and The Nerdy show, broadcast on Italia Uno, the format is experiencing a new path that is appealing to viewers from home. But Pier Silvio Berlusconi he is making some heavy decisions and could upset the many fans waiting for the summer to follow her.

Pier Silvio Berlusconi and the unprecedented decision

According to some indiscretions released by the weekly Oggi, it would be her thereper person that Pier Silvio would replace for the summer periodBarbara D’Urso, a decision that was actually not too rash, in fact it was precisely in the Christmas period Simona Branchetti to take the place of the queen of television by conducting Afternoon Five News.

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Its management had met with such resounding success that some rumors speak of a possible change of direction by the company, which would have reasoned about the possibility of also put her at the helm of the Five Morning program in the summer months.

But that’s not all, for Barbara D’Urso comes another blowit would seem, according to some information leaked also by the weekly Oggi, that Afternoon Cinque is about to have a new face in the foreground, it would be the journalist and presenter Veronica Gentili to oust Barbara D’Urso from her flagship program.

In short, at Mediaset there is an air of news and changes, surely this would be a great opportunity for the journalist of Controcorrente to test her skills in a program like Afternoon Cinque, moreover it takes a considerable gift to be able not to to make you miss the very one who made an icon of the program.

If the rumors prove true we will see how he fares in this important test.

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Mediaset launches the attack, replaced by her, the news is shocking

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