Men and women advances: delirium in the studio, guests and tronisti out

Men and women

In the new recording on Friday 6 May 2022, Gemma Galgani still remains in the shadows, while a long quarrel has ignited

In the study of Men and women occurred a new registration today, Friday 6 May 2022. According to what the advances, there is no news on the two tronists. In fact, it seems that Luca Salatino and Veronica Rimondi did not take part in the recording. According to what Lorenzo Pugnaloni unveils on his Instagram profile Menedonneclassicoeover, a couple from the Throne Over who formed this year made an important announcement. Going by order, Gemma Galgani was not mentioned.

The times when the Turin dame began and occupied a great deal of space in the recordings seem distant. No new knight has arrived for her. There are many suspicions about what is happening to Gemma. Just today, in a new interview on the Magazine dedicated to the program, Ida Platano spoke of his alleged role as a ‘substitute’. Unlike her friend, the hairdresser from Brescia had her space. At the study center she said that her acquaintance with Marco is going on.

And, of course, there was no lack of discussions between the lady and Tina Cipollari. Ida also wanted to put “A fixed point” with Riccardo Guarnieri, so much so that she has always danced with Marco. The recording, however, began with Tina choosing a song for Biagio Di Maro to do the catwalk. She once she would have done it for Gemma. Alessandro Vicinanza continues with his new acquaintance and everything seems to be going well. At the study center it was then the turn of Pinuccia and Alessandro.

Maria then allowed a a new knight to introduce themselves. But his words destabilized the study. In particular, it would be a former photographer who made statements “Not very nice” about women. Therefore, he was very attacked by those present and started a heated quarrel with Tina. “Delirium in the studio”, it is read. Their discussion lasted quite some time.

They made their return to the studio Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani. The couple of the Throne Over has announced the marriage. The news is not new, given that the two former participants had already announced that they would be married soon. As for the Classical Throne, there is little to say.

The advances of UeD they let it be known that there was no choice, as many expected. This edition is coming to an end and by now there are very few registrations missing. So, soon the public will undoubtedly witness the choices of Luca Salatino And Veronica Rimondi. In theory, the Roman tronista should be the first to choose.

He started this journey long before his colleague. But there are various doubts about the choice of him. There are those who hypothesize that she could even conclude her journey without choosing. These are, of course, suppositions born because many believe that her choice was Aurora Colombo. Veronica is also on the high seas.

In recent days Maria De Filippi revealed his idea: Rimondi is particularly interested in Matteo. Indeed, her attitudes seem to anticipate that he will be the choice of her.

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Men and women advances: delirium in the studio, guests and tronisti out

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