Men and women, Alessandro accused of being redone: check photos from the past, how it was and how it is – newsby


Over the years a Men and women several characters attended. In particular, the throne over has witnessed a turnover of important knights and ladies, some of whom are now consolidated protagonists of Maria de Filippi’s daytime.

From Gemma Galgani to Ida Platano, but also Armando and Riccardo, there are many faces who have been present in the program for some time without having yet found a soul mate. The public appreciates them, but does not fail to criticize them whenever they get the chance. Recently Alessandro Vicinanza has landed in the program, a character who soon cut out for himself its own special space in the beloved format.

Men and women Alessandro accused of being redone check photos

Men and women, Alessandro Vicinanza who is the new knight

Charming man, deep gaze Alessandro Vicinanza first attracted the attention of Ida Platano and then that of Roberta di Padua. The knight then collects public appreciation both for how he dealt with his sentimental adversity and for his obvious beauty. On social media Vicinanza has received many compliments, many praise him for the choices he has made. It is alsoit is true that the knight is also subject to a series of criticisms, some even very severe which refer to an alleged aesthetic retouching.

Did Alessandro Vicinanza resort to cosmetic surgery? Graduated in economics and commerce, Alessandro started his career as an accountant, but then decided to start his own business and is now the owner of theAvigliano Home Flower, a company that deals with floral decorations. Very active on Instagram, Alessandro shares moments of his private life, but also about work. Vicinanza has received a series of allegations referring to her lips allegedly retouched: But the pursed lips are all right….. I’m sorry you can’t even talk” writes a hater. It’s still: “a “CAFONCELLO” who can’t make a sensible speech and now with his lips in a row he understands less and less” preceding another’s response: “Then I didn’t notice it, it’s just me who seems to have glue in his mouth, all stuck”.

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Men and women, how is Alessandro’s journey going

The accusations of aesthetic retouching have not yet received any response from Alessandro who has let the haters speak for themselves. Yet some shots that portray the rider before participating in Men and women reveals that his image it was definitely different. Proximity for now prefers not to give any explanation on the matter.

Meanwhile the knight continues his journey a Men and women and after going out with Roberta, in recent days he has been paparazzi once again with Ida. He likes the lady, but this time too Vicinanza prefers not to go too far, he wants to meet and see her but apparently he is not yet in love with her. In recent days the two they had yet another clash in the studio. The knight was attacked from many sides, some ladies contested his sincerity and the same Platano distrusts him. In tears, the knight threatened to leave the program: “If she’s no longer convinced of me and doesn’t want to meet me, then I’m leaving today.”

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Men and women, Alessandro accused of being redone: check photos from the past, how it was and how it is – newsby

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