Men and Women, Aurora explains why she interrupted her acquaintance with Luca

Aurora Colombo has decided to leave Men and women and not to woo Luca Salatino anymore. The former suitor was interviewed by World Tv 24 and explained why she decided to leave the dating show Channel 5 and expressed his opinion on the other protagonists of the program.

Aurora stated why he decided to participate in Men and women and what she liked about Luca:

The curiosity pushed me to get back into the game in a context, however, where you have to put yourself out there and bring out your character. Of Luca, in reality I did not follow his previous throne, I started from an idea of ​​him made in two episodes before coming down from him. I was struck by his sympathy, his spontaneity, his humility of mind. After our first meeting, which took place in the studio with the cameras off, I was really impressed by there. Because something clicked immediately, a mutual harmony. In fact, from our first outside there was immediately a lot of feeling.

At the end Aurora she broke off the acquaintance and walked away from Men and women:

It’s something I actually decided the night before. I go back a bit: in our penultimate external that discussion happens where he does not understand my resentment in entering and being disappointed to see that after our external he … Before our external, he did the external with Lilli, but I still see her later and I arrive in the episode all happy with how it had gone between us. I see that two days earlier she had had what I had with another girl. So I tell myself: “But then how is it possible that you feel certain things with me when two days before you do others with another girl?”

He doesn’t understand my state of mind at that moment. I always try to put myself in his shoes. I go to his dressing room to seek clarification and try to go further. We do an external where I expose myself and I make him understand that I have an interest in him, that it is not love, it is different to feel an interest. A desire to get to know each other also outside, because in any case you are in a context where it is really difficult to know a person well. You are short on time, cameras etc. We talk to each other, we clarify not quite. He struggled to understand me on some points and so did I. He is very square in this, he pretends to be understood sometimes.

The former suitor added:

There was this communication problem. It is true that I wrote a letter where I open and expose myself, in my opinion he partially understood what I wanted to tell him in the letter. It was not read all on the air, therefore, he goes down and says a few words to me on the cross on the letter I have just written and I remain there for a while. I try to find a point of clarification with him and, when I don’t feel like kissing him because I didn’t want to feel stupid maybe seeing other things. He shoots in an exaggerated way, in my opinion. Not giving yourself a kiss can’t provoke such an aggressive reaction.

Aurora stressed that the choice of self-elimination depended on her:

I think he was really interested in me. I didn’t get eliminated because I thought he didn’t have any real interest. I eliminated myself because I realized that I can’t have any meeting points with this person. Although he has a very good soul. At 30 I am able to assess whether a person is okay for me. I didn’t feel like making fun of anyone by prolonging one thing and maybe coming to a choice and then saying no. I try to talk to you more than once and we do not understand each other and I am attacked so, in a useless way in my opinion, I decide to go away.

In other conditions he would also have said yes to a hypothetical choice: “I would have said yes and tried outside. I don’t tolerate certain dynamics. Yes, I am in this context where he courts other girls, but nowhere is it written that you have to kiss all the suitors. I found a way of her a little “paraculo” with the fact that I am the tronista I can do it and you have to accept it. “

Aurora thinks that Lucanow, will choose Soraia: “I tell you the truth. I don’t want to pass for presumptuous, but if I had stayed I felt the choice for how I saw him towards me and how I saw him from home. You will probably find yourself in a bit of trouble now. “

Furthermore, he said:

I already saw him very confused. It’s been several months and he didn’t even have the strength to get a girl out of three. With me he was immediately very busy, involved he did everything from his stomach. I felt I was the choice for that not because I am who knows who. Now it would be a bit of a forced choice, let’s put it this way. He may not even choose anyone.

Aurora had his say on the behavior of Armando Incarnato:

In reality, time is short inside the studio and there was a confusing situation. In fact, I believe that Armando that surgery did it to annoy me because he already felt dislike or because he felt an interest. The episode he asked if I was over really happened. The editors can confirm. I found it out of place, intruding on a conversation between me and Luca it made no sense, I was already saying a delicate thing went to rage. I didn’t find him nice to me. I find him quite a theatrical person and he took two minutes of him.

Up Ida Platano And Riccardo Guarnieri here is his thought:

The idea I have is that their history has never ended definitively on both sides. I have to say that Ida is very weak towards Riccardo, therefore, she still struggles to manage her emotions when it comes to him. Instead, I find him a bit narcissistic in wanting to continue to hold that position for her without giving her anything. He doesn’t take sides much, now he says friendship. But with a person who has or has a strong feeling for you I think it’s impossible. There will still be something between them, I’ve seen them look at each other in a particular way.

Finally, on the future choice of the tronista Veronica he said:

Federico he is a very good guy, genuine and spontaneous. Very sweet, but I don’t think he’s compatible with her. I have not seen the physical interest that must be in a couple. Federico I would already rule it out. I saw it very much projected towards Matteo and very physically attracted, lately I have noticed that too Andrew it is there. I think she likes her decision and a very direct guy while saying Matteo the romantic part is that he’s a bright guy. I am undecided between the two of them even though they are completely different.

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Men and Women, Aurora explains why she interrupted her acquaintance with Luca

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