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Regà, be patient but I have to say it (or rather repeat it, since I tried but my opinion of a few months ago hasn’t changed). I know there’s a crowd of viewers who go crazy for this throne, people who eagerly await the previews of Men and women like it hasn’t happened to them for years, crazy shippers who dote on every external… but me Frederick Nicotera I really can’t handle it. Zero, nothing, nada de nada. I swear I tried to make it right but shitreally.

That is, everyone to point the finger at the heaviness of Lavinia Mauro who makes hair and against hair to her suitors, to call her an unsustainable boulder (and for God’s sake, I don’t feel like contradicting them, eh!) but honestly I really don’t think that Nicotera is so much better than her, indeed. With the addition that he also feels like an infallible stogranca**owhich makes it even less bearable than your colleague.

First of all, he is carrying on a throne to exhaustion which is already clear to anyone from September how it will end. And today, as if it weren’t terribly obvious by now, she also reiterated it. Because when he says that to arrive at the choice he just needs to do “quiet exteriors where I’m fine“You don’t need to specify WITH WHOM has this need. that the “quiet exteriors where it is comfortable” with Alice Barisciani he’s been doing them since the beginning, yet it doesn’t seem to me that they’ve moved anyone.

And when in the post recording clip he says that “I would like to see on the other side an interest so strong as to say ‘I put aside pride, character or whatever’ to show me that they actually exist!” ditto, given that the Barisciani pride has been putting it aside for 4 months but without great results, I think.

Nicotera says the behavior of Alice denotes maturity, that the fact that today despite everything he was present in the studio demonstrates his interest. But give it always won to the tronista despite the clear signals against the rival to me more than a mature attitude, it tastes of underneath, eh. I believe that he appreciates it, it gives him the certainty of a safe haven, whatever happens, throw it away.

But the truth is that he is with Carola Carpanelli who longs for “beautiful exteriors where I feel good“, it is from her that he wants certainties and it is only from her that he expects you to park your pride and give him the demonstrations that he craves. And apart from the fact that you know that you have understood very little, Carola, if he hopes to see her as the perfect geisha. But then, above all, if it’s just a little peace of mind from her that he wants from her… to stop cag*rleperennimenteilcazz* no, huh?

Men and Women Chias opinion on the 160123 episode

That I don’t know about you, but to me the story of the “child who has childish behavior” he broke the minch * a from that day, that’s it. Because other than that Carola she’s twenty years old and in there we see much more immature attitudes from people who could be her grandmother (hello, Gemmona!). But then from what pulpit does the sermon come, oh!

It is true that “problems it is important to know how to solve them“, but it would be even better NOT TO CREATE THEM OWN, especially if they are totally free. And someone who, after an intense outdoor match like the one at the Trevi Fountain, managed to break our hearts for a photo with the tag of Zadar for me he just can’t talk. But I miss at all.

That is, Frederick has really had the courage to sayyou could have said ‘they broke my pa**e in ten thousand and I put the photo. I saw no malice. If it bothered you, I’M EXCUSED but don’t say this bullshit anymore because you know better than me how we were at the Trevi Fountain!’. And I would have taken the umpteenth step forward, very little was enough for me!“? I mean, wasn’t he the one who ruined a beautiful exterior with a colossal bullshit, was SHE supposed to apologize to him for a story on social media? But we’re crazy, come on.

And by the way while he incenses himself by supporting with words that “I am a person who questions himself a lot. If you make me realize I’m wrong I raise my hands, step back and apologize!“, i facts makes them Carola. That I the only excuses I heard today were hers, for being too aggressive on the outside. She apologizes after which he – instead of appreciating the ‘step back‘ – he gave her AGAIN the ‘little girl‘. But who makes him do it? Carpanelli Of “fight to the end” for this artichoke, oh! Run away, my daughter, trust your aunt!

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On the throne of Lavinia I repeat what I said after Friday’s episode. See Alessio Corvino grapple with straws boasting of the incredible demonstrations given to the tronista by telling her that “I take you to my house, I talk to you about my most intimate things and I try to kiss you but you don’t kiss me!” after she begged him for the lemon for at least a month is fairly ridiculous. Not to mention her when she wanted us to believe she wanted to leave because”already knows” that the choice is Alessio Campoliwhen even after the kiss that we saw today on the outside she dedicated every attention to her rival in the episode.

The only glimmer of sincerity I saw when Raven he said “I come to think maybe we are not right to be together. And there’s nothing wrong with it, as much as I like you“. Everything else was a boring list of embarrassing, and frankly avoidable, excuses.

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Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the 16/01/23 episode | Isa and Chia

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