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But a man who throws out the attributes and takes responsibility for what he feels really we have it, in the studio of Men and women, or what? Because I seriously begin to doubt it, eh.

All so busy playing the part of alpha males – braggarts, self-referential, vain, focused on the message he can pass at home (cit.) – and NEVER ANYONE who pulls out the bal*e and be a MAN. Only good at turning omelettes on the fly, unloading all the blame on the chick on duty if things don’t go as they should, and nothing else. What between Alessio Corvino And Richard Guarnieri today we had to put our hands in our hair.

Now, onto that Lavinia Mauro both of an AMAZING heaviness I think we all agree by now. She is talkative, insecure, so incredibly pedantic that she has transmitted her anxiety to us as well. She NEVER lets her interlocutor speak and asks questions that she doesn’t even give him time to answer because she has already moved on to the next question. And I don’t doubt that it’s particularly difficult to bear the third degree of her for every bullshit that happens on social networks. Here we are.

But the truth is, her suitors just don’t like her enough, period. They can tell us all they want, but you can’t escape from here.

Men and Women Chias opinion on the episode of 011323

Not surprisingly the only time I saw Raven absolutely true, so far, was when he snapped yelling at a Laviniayou gave me two pa ** and so, I can’t take it anymore! I don’t want to hear you in my ears anymore, I don’t want to hear you anymore! You broke my p**e!“. Here, in that instant I think everything he thinks came out really of the tronista. That to the tale of the “I’m true, I’ve been here for 4 months for you and everything I’ve done I’ve done to show you“He doesn’t believe it either.

And take it with Alessio Campoli doing now the comparison between their two situations is too easy, eh. Who makes fun of his rival because after two months “he took you to his parents’ restaurant and you stood there like a cod, stuffed!” when Raven it has been there for twice as long and up until three episodes ago it froze as soon as there Mauro approached him with a seductive smile, eh.

The truth, unfortunately for Lavinia, is that to date (cit.) neither of them gets a bat from her. This is. Then that the tronista is a boulder it certainly makes things worse, of course, but at the base no real transport has ever been seen in either of her two suitors. And instead of hiding behind embarrassing excuses, it would be appropriate to admit it, “I don’t like you enough to bear all this bullshit“. Avoiding – with a flicker of those attributes that have never been cicciato out until now – to continue to delude her of something that (clearly) does not exist.

What to hear today Raven yell “make this choice and DON’T KICK US!“, when if there is someone in the middle with half a real feeling that is alone Laviniait was quite ridiculous, come on.

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For what concern GuarnieriWe are now pathological. TV seasons change, seasons change women tapine with whom he relates but does not change his creepy modus operandi. He’s been tearing us up for more than two months with this push and pull with Glory Nicoletti that “I sure like it but it’s not love“, and mo realizes to have feelings for her in the EXACT INSTANT in which a possible rival appears? What a CASE, huh!

He did it with Roberta Di Paduadid it with Ida Platano and mo is also doing it with Glory. He is right Tina Cipollati: “You always do these jokes, but why don’t you find some peace inside yourself? Claim, want, do. Then you accuse them, then you want them back, then as soon as they try to rebuild their lives by dating someone else you get back in the middle, almost repentant, then you accuse them again. But what system is this?“. A nice system demmer*a, Youthis is.

Not only does he always realize the importance of what he has only when he is about to lose it, as they teach Perugina chocolate kissesbut not even when these illuminating epiphanies come to him Guarnieri takes courage and fights stoically for what he wants. Nope. He stands there, incredibly inert, saying that “i was wrong, but now Glory he repeated twice that with Humbert it’s fine, what can I do?“.

What can I do“, rich? Bringing out the attributes, for example, and starting to act, for once, instead of undergoing events. But I know, it’s too much to ask. And I don’t even feel like raging, because it must be frustrating enough to live life in such a passive way, expecting others to always expose themselves for you when you’re the first to beware of doing so.

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Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 01/13/23 | Isa and Chia

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