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I’m realizing that it works quite the opposite, however. I’m aware of it and I apologize in advance, but it’s crazy how in that studio they PRACTICALLY ALWAYS say the opposite of what I think. Really crazy.

The more I watch Men and women, in fact, the more evident it seems to me how in most cases my opinions are completely different from those they express there and my yardstick of evaluation of facts and/or characters is diametrically opposed to theirs. I see them condemning behaviors that are absolutely acceptable in my eyes and – on the other hand – praising people so brazenly fake that boh, I’m really wrong, I know.

Take for example Federica Aversano, no? Well, they spent MONTHS praising her for everything she did. To applaud her wholeheartedly everything she said. To defend her even when she (at least in my opinion) she was indefensible. It seemed that she alone was her mother, that she was the only one who deserved her respect, that we almost had to thank her for her extreme magnanimity in granting us her precious presence in that studio. And the more they treated her (inexplicably) with kid gloves, the more they made her terribly indigestible. It is no coincidence that I never spared her criticism during the last season, in short.

Given the preference of Maria DeFilippi against him, after that Matteo Ranieri she didn’t choose her in September we predictably found her on the throne. A path (cit.) who had started with her usual arrogance, but as the recordings went by, she saw her abandon her armor and open up a little more. Or at least try, at least.

And who was faced at that point? A guy who WORD said he was there”Only for you“, but IN FACTS – after realizing that the second “hey!” had already conquered the public – he rode EVERY LITTLE PRETEXT to go against her and get the applause. A decidedly easy applause, as she underlined today Federicagiven that she has never been a particularly loved character except by the landlady and the brave Gianni Sperti.

Now, in front of a girl – the same one they ALWAYS PRAISED ad minchiam – who lowers her defenses and admits (albeit with difficulty, given her well-known pride…) that she simply wants someone to reassure her and try to understand her and to a boy who makes PATHETIC SCREAMING every time he isn’t taken outside, they give which side are they on? From that of Federico Breschini. And be patient, but this is something that drives me crazy, I swear.

Men and Women: Chia's opinion on the episode of 11/21/22

But in what sense “You got it all wrong because he was the only one really interested. He cared about you, the way he behaved, the way he got angry, the way he courted you“? But courted WHERE, please, that after the FIRST EXTERIOR (in which I too had appreciated it, I admit it) he understood the hint and started with the antics? What courtship did they see? No, because I only noticed one guy who – despite SHE having put aside her pride and had gone to get it back after that spectacular exit from the consent-grabbing studio – didn’t show A WHIT of the understanding she was asking for, quite the contrary. And to say that, given how much she clearly liked him, it would have been enough for him.

I not only understand the discomfort of Federica in seeing herself so brazenly percul*ta by who on paper should court her, but I don’t even find all this similarity with the behaviors of Ida Platano that he saw today Mary, huh. There Saint of Brescia, like a good passive-aggressive woman, in words she says she wants one thing but in fact she expects something else, and if she doesn’t get it, she’s freaking out. If the Aversano he didn’t want to chase anymore Frederick, instead, it’s simply because – despite physically liking her a lot – she understood that with someone like her, someone like this would have nothing to do with it. That’s all.

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And since today I’ve decided to be particularly unpopular, let me say one more thing. If there’s anyone in there who EXAMINEES who they’re dealing with and EXPECTS others to do as they want, that’s Frederick Nicoteranot certain Federica. I know there are plenty of people out there eagerly awaiting the sneak peeks and shipping it terribly with Carola Carpanellibut it’s time for me to come out: I CAN’T STAND IT.

Maaaadre mine, what a plague it is! Him and that mood from “I know everything“, that attitude from “incredibly mature man who grew up too fast“, when in reality it is perhaps the worst in the middle. She said fine Carola last episode, Nicotera he has a REALLY TERRIBLE way of being. Totally insensitive, opinionated and devoid of the slightest tact. I with him shit right, I tell you.

After the first outside he had praised Alice Barisciani Like this full of content only because he shared a similar (difficult) past with him, and then at the first discussion he comes up with a sarcastic “and then if we tell all these dramas“. She dates Lucretia and stands there pointing the finger at her because”There is a strong physical attraction between us but from a 30 year old woman I don’t expect YOU to rely on just that!“, as if he weren’t there on the outside too, together with her, making the exit go one way rather than another.

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More than a tronista I think Alessandra Celentano when he casts the boys of Friends, huh. He sits there, with the notebook, assigns a task to the candidate and then him scassalaminc * ia Why “I expected this, you did that“. And you said too many bad words, and the other one went on and on, and that other one still has no reaction. Never a self-criticism, a mea culpa, nothing. Always the suitors make mistakes, incredible oh!

So sorry, then, but Frederick I find it completely UNBEARABLE, HOLY GOD. And if the shippers wanted really good to Carola they would advise her to run away while there is still time, all right.

PS. Luckily see you next time Ida And Alexander Proximity they dislodge. We already know they will come back, it is inevitable. But a break from this havoc was more necessary than oxygen by now.

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Video from the episode: Full betRoberta: “Ida went to Armando and didn’t dance with Alessandro… incredible!”Exterior of Federico and LucreziaFederico and Lucrezia after the away gameAlice: “Federico I felt abandoned!”Maria: “Federico who do you like more between Lucrezia, Alice and Carola? And if…”Federica: “Riccardo, I’d run away mid-coffee!”Federica: “Federico isn’t there? I noticed but…”Exterior of Federica and StefanoTina: “Federica you’re always looking for excuses… you’ll be left alone!”Maria: “Federica, what are you afraid of?”Maria: “Riccardo, if you were Ida’s friend now, would you be serene?”

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Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 11/21/22 | Isa and Chia

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