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Men and women it is that pleasant and wonderful place where science fiction triumphs. There is a bit of everything (and above all the opposite of everything), it just depends on your name.

If your name is Armando Incarnato – despite the fact that in the last five or six years we have often and willingly seen you reveal in the studio the most intimate confessions of the women you were meeting, in order to get out clean from acquaintances that you had no interest in continuing, and do so with a tone so threatening that it make them desist from replying further – you have the power to point the finger and judge the education and ways of others, teaching us what humility is.

If your name is Biagio Di Maro – although we remember very well all the expensive dinners (with lots of receipts shown to the editorial staff to prove the very salty bills paid bartered with mozzarella) that you reproached the ladies who didn’t have you “given nothing in return“, Revealing that love is not exactly what you are looking for in there – you are allowed to stand as a victim of the classism of those who”he does not value the evening and the person in front of him“.

If your name is Catia Franchi, instead … eh, there they are ca ** i. Especially in this exact historical moment, where the demagoguery in the middle is the most popular. And it doesn’t matter if the man you were supposed to go out with twice gave you an appointment and then showed up half an hour later as if nothing had happened, it doesn’t even matter that it was HIM who boasted phantom locations for dinner to give himself a tone, only to take you to a completely different place. The bitch will always be you, CatiaFranchiwhy is your name CatiaFranchiunderstood CatiaFranchi?

Avoja to explain that your annoyance was not due to the claim of a “chic restaurant“(Despite the fact that pizza by the slice is objectively not the best choice, for a first date between two people who have been 15 years ago) but to a man who first says one thing and then does another, avoja a make him understand that if you had the stench under your nose you would not even eat bananas on the street when you do marathons.

In there it goes like this, they only hear what makes them comfortable to hear. And if little do they realize they can garner an easy applause by leveraging vulgar populism, don’t even stop them with the bazooka. They will unveil a series of infinite platitudes, unleash a string of frightening clichés and put things in your mouth that you never even said to point the finger at you.

Because someone explains to me where he got it from, to the brave Gianni Spertithat CatiaFranchi she wanted “go to sushi which costs 200 € per person“, Please? Who ever mentioned these figures? He knows it, the brave Gianni Spertithat – without having to end up in the worst all you can eat – Are there any Japanese à la carte restaurants where you eat fresh fish and you can get by even with € 40/50 each? And if he remembers it, the brave one Gianni Spertithat that Biagio who today worried about passing as “a poor fellow“Is he the same one who reproached MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE dinners to the ladies he went out with without getting any patonza in return?

Catia he could certainly use less bright tones to express himself, sure. But what Biagio both a PORACCIO proved it himself, returning to an issue ALREADY CLOSED in the previous recording in order to recite a bit more the victim’s opinion of the class witch from CatiaFranchi. Oh, how he liked doing that today “true, clean, serious”Who got trapped in the clutches of CatiaFranchi! He who reminded her that “you go to Men and Women to look for love“And that together withEmbodied accused her of being there “for advertising“. Do you understand at what level we are?

When I stop laughing at the idea that CatiaFranchi need Men and women to advertise his sister’s clothes and shoes Elisabetta Franchi I wanted to add one thing, anyway. I don’t care where he wants to eat CatiaFranchi, and whether or not pizza by the slice. I just know that as long as CatiaFranchi will address to Armando asking him – after half an hour that the random one barks – “what’s your name, sorry?”And she’ll make the gang’s livers burst with that ease she’ll be my protégé, period.

In the meantime, I am waiting to see Maria De Filippi unsheath with CatiaFranchi the same blind enthusiasm that we have seen them reserve for Alessandro Vicinanza just a few days ago. Really strange today the absence of foam in the mouth, since on paper the ‘crime’ was the same, don’t you think?

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Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 29/04/22 | Isa and Chia

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