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Regà, but are you realizing the incredible risk we took? Of the huge catastrophe that could have hit our poor lives already compromised by the pandemic? Of the infinite disaster that could have ravaged a television season already put to the test by Affonzo?

The sadistic newsroom had called Riccardo Guarnieri months and months ago, last fall, informing him that he was being talked about in the studio and giving him the opportunity to be present to respond directly to what was said. Luckily, he didn’t accept that invitation on that occasion totally disinterested, santodddio!

But like that I do not know if I arrive at the end of May, here, that a close-up of it is enough for me to feel a heaviness that I miss the peperonata in August and a nausea that does not even go away with Plasil every time I hear him say that “is passing the wrong message“, Let alone if we had had to do it since September in combo with Gemmona (then still on the crest of the wave) and the little match girl from Brescia. But I would have died well before Christmas, but help, but police!

And let’s be clear: I authorize you to really send the police home to me, if you see me still have the slightest empathy for the Guarnieri. In fact, call an ambulance directly for the TSO I called earlier. Because the more I hear him speak, the more I am shocked at the idea of ​​having even had the courage to think – seeing Ida Platano in action this year – “However, poor Riccardo… What he didn’t have to endure!“. But poor de what? But this is SUCH AND WHICH to his ex, they are two incredibly built and equally unbearable boulders, but let’s not joke!

Maaaamma mine, WHAT A CAZ * OR LEAD that is, oh! You thank the good looks that anyone you call for him refers to, because without that he would be completely GONE. But who would ever take on someone who has to say ABOUT EVERYTHING, damn it? If little little Tina Cipollari dare to question them “Ida it shouldn’t even get her to talk because it gets a different message across“, self Alessandro Vicinanza dares to have his say “we are continuing to make a person speak who does not matter“, And if anyone thinks that he is there plane tree do not tell it right “we have to stop this chatter because they are also hanging out and it’s not nice“.

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A self-centered narcissus completely disconnected from reality. And although the 3 years have passed for a while, the habit of throwing a tantrum like atMariuccia kindergarten mica if it is still raised, eh. That I am still in full cringe for the arguments that he has drawn out today with Gloria Nicoletti. The same one with which he immediately wanted to close, after the very first outings (and after having made it pass too secretly for a shit as much as it is empty, underlining that to bind them was mere physical attraction), because “if it is not triggered immediately that extra something will never trigger“, Only to retrace his steps magnanimously by granting him the honor of some other appointment with His Majesty from Taranto, only to then give the number to Maria Grazia Scicchitano because “it could give value to our knowledge or I could find in another person what I’m looking for“. And a slice of ass, Riccà?

And the ridiculous thing is that in all of that the bitch he thought she was Glory because it had closed “for so little“. Not him who is completely unstable and humoral, and expects people to be comfortable with him and let him fit what HIM – who changes ideas more often than underwear – decides for both of them. She because she was not there waiting for him thanking the heavens for the incredible luck she had had in meeting her coveted gaze, indeed she has turned the page and moved on to make out another without looking back. Crazy.

It didn’t go well Maria Grazia and then here he is cleverly returning to the fold. Too bad it’s empty now.

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That it wasn’t there today Gianni Sperti he felt, however. Because in his absence the amount of daily shit is touched all to Armando Incarnato. That he is doing very well, it must be said. Providing us each time with one more reason to disgust him and beat him with taste.

Today, for example, after half an hour growling against Alexander threatening him to reveal who knows what burning background on the show dinners he participates in, the genius has suddenly taken off his mask.

If he hadn’t been wrong in behaving in a certain way with me on the outside, I would shut up and mind my own business.“, He candidly admitted. Demonstrating in one fell swoop that the honor of the program for which he pretended to beat his chest in the past does not hit him with a blessed club, let alone, and that the only thing that interests him is that no one dares “dirty it“. Because that’s just what makes him a hyena.

And who knows why Maria De Filippi does not blink, in these situations. She only wakes up when there is little fish to be mocked, joy …

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Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 6/05/22 | Isa and Chia

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