Men and women, Diego Tavani and Aneta Buchtova tell about their love

Diego Tavani And Aneta Buchtova they are officially a couple. The two, after several hesitations, made the final decision to abandon the program together Men and womenas a couple.

From that moment on, different factions have alternated on the web: those who think that the two were somehow pushed to leave the program, those who think that that move was simply meditated but would have arrived anyway.

The fact is that the couple is living outside the channel 5 dayting show and the two seem to be living more quietly.

An interview with them is also recent Magazine of Men and Women in which they told how the first twenty-four hours went out of the studio.

Diego he said that they were immediately surrounded by friends, with whom they celebrated in honor of their exit. The day after, Aneta asked him to stay at his house as well, though Diego at first he hesitated, in the end he prepared the bag and there he realized that something in him was changing. The former participant of the male parterre, in fact, said that for him sleeping in a person’s home means a bit breaking all patterns and defeating fears.

Also Aneta was of the same mind and for this reason it seems that things between the two are going in just the right direction. In short, right from the start, the two began to live each other daily, between parties, villas, friends and walks in the center of Rome.

The two are so serious that they even think about official family introductions. Own Diegoin fact he also told that his father, as soon as he saw him in the studio with Aneta, he told his mother that she would be the right woman. Apparently, moreover, Diego he has already introduced his girlfriend to his parents by taking her to the tobacconist’s. The father, although a man of few words, was enthusiastic about the knowledge and thanked for the gesture. Now he would only lack the knowledge of his son.

And speaking of their “surprise” exit from the program that introduced them to them, the two were keen to point out that, both living day to day, they hadn’t made any kind of project or plan and everything was spontaneous.

Diego he then also wanted to add that their path has been a “light” evolution. In fact, they gradually witnessed the birth of a bond that united them more and more, day by day becoming stronger. She also disclosed that Aneta, a few days before the release, she had confided to him that she wanted to leave the program together. And that very phrase had remained so impressed on him because after all it was just what he wanted too. And in the moment Maria De Filippi he stressed to both of them that by now they lived as a “couple”, in them there were no more doubts.

Diego Tavani And Aneta Buchtova therefore now they seem determined to live this love story to the full. History that is progressing well in all respects. As proof of this, Diego through his Instagram profile he wanted to dedicate a gesture of love to his girlfriend. She has indeed posted a smiling photo of Aneta with their song, that of Fabrizio Moro “It is you”. Song that he also asked for during the last dance, before leaving the studio of Men and Women.

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Men and women, Diego Tavani and Aneta Buchtova tell about their love

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