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Men and women allows participants to find a soul mate. The young people sit on the throne with the purpose of choosing a suitor to walk away together hand in hand. Unfortunately, one of the most beloved suitors in the history of the program has made a terrible discovery in these hours.

Going specifically, he had unexpected news about his state of health. Here is who it is and what disease it is fighting against.

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The new edition of Men and women and among the tronists there is Federica Aversanothat is the non-choice of Matteo Ranieri. We will certainly see some good ones, since there is not much sympathy with Tina Cipollari. Fans are hoping she too can find someone who can get her heart racing.

Even in front of the cameras true love can be born, as it happened for Marco Fantini And Beatrice Valli. He had put himself out there for Anna Munafòbut was not chosen for Emanuele Trimarchi. Consequentially Maria De Filippi gave him the opportunity to sit on the throne and so he met Beatrice. The wedding was celebrated on May 29, 2022 in Capri. Unfortunately after the fateful yes totally unexpected news has arrived. Here is what Beatrice wrote in the caption of the last published post.

“These are very heavy and hard days”

In the photo with the children, the influencer explained what has been tormenting her for days: “The acute vestibular deficit; this is what I have been experiencing this week. These are very heavy and hard days for me, it will take time, I don’t know how long but I’m doing my best to regain my strength and the energy that I have always shown you. Unfortunately, sometimes we are not the ones who command our body but the day comes when maybe you have to say enough and really understand what makes you happy and serene, I hope to come back to you soon “.

Also known as vestibular neuritis, it consists of a functional loss of one or both peripheral vestibular systems. Symptoms are dizziness, impaired hearing and the inability to stand upright. Blood tests need to be done and the recommended therapy includes antibiotics. Beatrice, therefore, will have to stay under control and follow medical advice to the letter.

Curiosities about the couple

Marco and Beatrice are parents of Bianca, born in June 2017, and in May 2020, Azzurra arrived. With them there is also Alessandro, the son she had at 16. In 2019 Marco made her the marriage proposal under the Eiffel Tower. They were supposed to get married in 2020, but the pandemic has forced it to postpone several times.

Photo by Beatrice Valli with her children -
Photo by Beatrice Valli – Source Instagram –

Beatrice celebrated her bachelorette party in Puglia, in the company of her friends. Then they headed to Capri in the splendid Villa Lysis and it seems they spent around 60,000 euros. Among her bridesmaids was her sister Ludovica Vallialso a former face of Men and women.

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Men and women, former suitors struck by the disease: after the wedding the terrible discovery – Show only

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