Men and women, Ida Platano wants to do it seriously: the lady talks about Sons!

Ida Platano, one of the most discussed ladies of men and women, makes an absurd revelation.

Ida Platano is conquering the title of the most talked about lady of the female parterre of the Throne Overespecially since when Riccardo Guarnieri entered the studio of Men and womenin search of the new partner right in front of the eyes of his historic ex. Idaafter confessing what he thinks of the Apulian knight and his acquaintance with Gloria, he made one unsettling confession about a possible pregnancy.

Men and Women, Ida Platano furious with Tina Cipollari

In the study of Men and women discussions about the relationship between Ida Platano And Riccardo Guarnieriafter the two met years after their official breakup, rediscovering a certain and suspicious feeling. Ida she can’t hide the joy of being back to interact with the one she considers the love of her life, while Riccardo tries to curb the enthusiasm and then comment on every amorous decision of the lady from Brescia. In short, everyone noticed this particular harmony between the two ex-boyfriends and, despite it Guarnieri has been pinched with anothermany viewers are betting the couple will be back together later this year. plane treein the meantime, she vented on the pages of the magazine of the transmission of Maria De Filippistarting with talking about the increasingly stormy relationship with Tina Cipollari, who just can’t stand the lady from Brescia.

“Tina disrespected me, and respect is essential to me. Especially when she called me a little woman … One thing you can’t hear. No woman can give another woman a little woman. I still get nervous: I don’t accept it and no woman in the world must accept it […] If I have to get a shovelful of myself ** I prefer to be the target instead of Gemma. This I can say. I don’t feel a victim of this, but it’s okay if he takes it out on me instead of her ”.

Ida Platano, after Men and Women it’s time for another child!

Logically, Ida had to answer more than one question about Riccardo. The couple makes a sensation, especially in light of some fan theories, which they would like plane tree And Guarnieri secretly agree and contact outside the program. Rumors and theories that the lady of Men and women has held to deny, especially in light of the allegations of Tina who underlined the woman’s link with social media sponsorships, admitting:

“I really want to reiterate this thing: I am for transparency and loyalty. I have never heard from Riccardo since he left my house, and it was the spring of 2020, after the first lockdown. I had tried to write to him in the following months but he did not reply, from there I never heard from him again either by phone or by text. I only saw him later in the program, when he was dating Roberta, before they came out […] Gloria ascondo me was closer to Riccardo’s aesthetic ideal, Mariagrazia was not ”.

Indeed, just in yesterday’s episode, Riccardo made a fool of Mariagrazia who, after having said that he did not like the exaggerated physical approach towards him, preferred to let go of the rider. Meanwhile, Ida has left herself to an unsettling confession on its renewed desire for motherhood.

“Five years from now I see myself with another child … Riccardo and I didn’t want a child, there were many projects including the idea of ​​a child of our own. I long for a man by my side, I hope he arrives soon. I want someone who wants to be by my side, someone who can lean on and find moral support. A man who gives me strength and with whom to live a beautiful story “.

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Men and women, Ida Platano wants to do it seriously: the lady talks about Sons!

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