Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode dated 10/01/23

However, I am sincerely appalled by the fact that for an episode and a half of this new season Of Men and women we had to discuss two gentlemen well over 50, who created a huge mess for the simple fact of not wanting to candidly admit to having screwed, eh.

We say it, we don’t say it, we hide it, we agree“, but you have 110 years in two, but can you create this mess for a ride on the carousel?

I mean, it’s clear to you that we DON’T GIVE A FUCK, after 10 minutes that you told us we totally forgot about it, and they’re busy playing subterfuge, agreeing, stabbing each other in the back, no but we’ll shit * but sorry!

Then it would be really curious one day to be able to become aware of all the things covered up, eh, Armando Incarnate he even hid the slangues so imagine yourself in 13 years of Throne over how many bombardments between unthinkable subjects there must have been!

Maria, I tell you, you make us a special with ‘everything you never knew about the throne over men and women‘, in which ladies and gentlemen are interviewed as witnesses of maxi trials and we get you a 40% share even in prime time, eh!

Paola And Alexander aside (incidentally, for me poraccy both, neither of them is saved, they made a figure of peracottari), episode almost entirely dedicated to the throne of Frederick Nicotera.

Well, I’ve always said that this throne (like that of Lavinia Mauro) I like it, but objectively then there comes that moment when I finish the comments because basically the thrones should also finish.

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After MONTHS and MONTHS of presumed indecision between two people, however opposite both aesthetically and in character, then it becomes really difficult to pretend to believe that there isn’t already a choice, it becomes difficult to comment on substantially the same episodes that repeat themselves in a loop (today external with Alice Barisciani and dance with Carola Carpanellithe next external with Carola and dance with Alice and so on in one consecutive infinite) and also the behavior of the suitors goes to extremes because after all that time the demands increase and the patience decreases (theirs, but also ours that we are overflowing like a river that overflows).

To me it still seems very, very obvious the preference of Frederick towards Carolait’s a ‘skin’ preference, to ’emotions’, of those things that trigger and you can’t do anything about it, even if perhaps rationally he would like it to be more mature (which then PARENTHESIS: we always talk a lot about the immaturity of Carola, which is real and also known to me in various situations, but, pray tell, who would be the mature ones in this throne? No because net of the difficult pasts for which there is the utmost respect and which perhaps may have led to earlier maturation in certain aspects, it seems to me that from an exquisitely sentimental point of view of immaturity in this throne there is buckets , is immature a Frederick that when he gets annoyed because things don’t go his way he becomes aggressive with words and provocations, he is immature Alice complaining about the kindergarten scenes of Carola and then he makes them the same after 5 minutes, in short, I see so many oxen giving donkeys cuckolds) I said, even if maybe Frederick note that with Carola he has more difficulty communicating, even if perhaps the more ‘girl’ life that she does annoys him (according to the number of times he has reproached her more or less covertly for the evenings at the disco), even if he has doubts about the real interest in she and on if and how they could work out, it seems to me that then the famous extra QUID always brings him to the side of the Carpanelliand I sincerely think that at 25 we can and should allow ourselves the luxury of following our instincts and emotions, if it goes well, if it goes badly, we have our whole life ahead.

This was the general consideration, as regards today’s episode specifically, just a few considerations:

– I personally (BUT MAYBE I’M WRONG WE’RE ONLY TALK ABOUT MY PERSONAL PERCEPTION, I write it in capital letters so maybe it’s even clearer) I don’t perceive the emotional involvement of Frederick in the external with Alicewe’ve been seeing big lemons for months but PERSONALLY I don’t get that feeling of chemistry, attraction, involvement, even if it weren’t there Carola I think I would see the Nicotera still more taken by any other antagonist

– I did not share the choice of Carola to come all the way to Rome and then not wanting to enter the studio, doesn’t make sense, or you really don’t show up and leave it hanging, or you enter normally without making too many scenes. If the problem with him, as I understood, is that in the studio he can communicate less with Frederick due to the various external interference, then you DON’T show up and at the most ask for an external one, in short, coming and standing there behind 3/4 of the episode was totally no sense. The only note of merit is that with a casual look with jeans and a sweater, with hair tied in an onion and little make-up, she was much prettier than when they do her hair and make-up like a sixty-year-old heiress

– I find sad these constant insults that Carola And Alice have been reserving this part for several episodes, ‘desperate’, ‘disadvantaged’… in this well-known great immaturity on the part of both because apart from the fact that it is never worth fighting over a man (this is just a rule of life), but then insulting each other for what? To belittle the other in the eyes of the tronista? Flash news, let’s talk about feelings, if a boy likes/dislikes you there are no words addressed to the other that will change the locate.

What then, let’s face it, the quarrels between suitors either get done well or don’t get done, or it flows into the epic super trashazzo Paola Frizziero style with Floriana (here you know what I’m talking about only if you’re old LOL) or Teresanna Vs Cammarotabut otherwise it’s a waste of time for us and for you.

men and women

Final notes:

– I can’t comment on the part between Richard Guarnieri And Glory Nicoletti because I read the advances and I’m black

– now that Pinuccia Della Giovanna finally got out of the program Alexander Rausa he discovered how to block it with his cell phone, it’s crazy that as long as it was used to make tarantellas in the studio these harassing phone calls could not be avoided…

1673393939 226 Men and Women Isas opinion on the episode dated 100123

Video of the episode: Full betMaria: “Alessandro but after the evening with Paola would you go out with others?”Paola and “the machination”Federico and Carola: the comparisonAlice: “Federico I don’t want a polyamory”Alice: “Federico do you like Carola because she’s elusive…”Federico: “Carola, don’t you think I like you…”Alessandro: “Pinuccia? I never heard from her again”Richard: “Glory? We met again…”

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Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode dated 10/01/23

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