Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 11/15/22

Ok, me after today’s episode of Men and women I think I understand why SPOOOOOOOOOILER ALERT (which then spoilers, oh well, things have been happening for days now, and which we will see in who knows how many other days, not even the concept of spoilers makes any more sense with such an abyss of time between recordings and broadcasts) Federica Aversano he will leave the throne.

In my opinion the FaithAversy she clearly fled from the throne because she realized that they wanted to put that on her at all costs Federico Breschiniguys.

But I can’t get over how I found him pleasant at the beginning, that is, in the first outside and in the very first intervention I even liked him, but it is clear that on that occasion, when, after a sensible and acceptable first intervention, he perceived the public approval, he really gassed himself. But TOO much, but badly right!

Today his mood was totally that of Emanuele Trimarchi ErCoreNunSTrainwith the difference that Trimarchs at least in the early days he was nice and made them laugh a couple of times, Frederick he’s really a tax, a heaviness, such a concentration of clichés and set phrases that in talking to him I would need to have the salts at hand so as not to fail every 10 seconds.

But did you notice the way she talked about that other guy she dated Frederickthat Stephen, among other things in my opinion very cute? “Eh, no, he shows his abs, I know something else, I work, he has no content and focuses on the physique“. BUT SORRY, BUT WHAT! But let me understand Federi, but what content would you have brought us? No to understand, huh. And above all, you just need an outsider to stamp a person and you need to boast yourself that you are it seems why did you do the external ar bar near the house? No, I swear, to me these modest and simple fakes who in reality are the most convinced and the most artificial of all, who do things just to have a way of saying “you saw what I did unlike you“, they put on a nuisance that I won’t tell you.

And since in the studies of Men and women when you say two words in dialect and give motherfuckers for every bullshit, you are automatically vvvtruly and sincerelyhere is the whole study, from the presenter to the columnists (Tina Cipollati I only forgive her because she is openly against it Aversano and has never hidden that he would agree with anyone rather than give it to her) they were there to exalt the genuineness of Frederick.

He is so genuine that he starts following his fanpages (that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if you talk almost as if you had stumbled on TV by mistake it’s a bit funny) and that even in the face of moments of difficulty of the tronista thinks only of reproaching her for not having brought it to the outside gne gne.

Here, in my opinion Federica he perceived the locateshe realized that if she did not choose Frederick eventually she would pass as a super bitch, and she thought it best to leave early. If so she would tuuuuuuuuutta my understanding, but absolutely all. Sure, now I’m left with the dread that Frederick they can slap him on the throne but oh well, let’s take it one discomfort at a time.

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Ah, speaking of discomfort: but Richard Guarnieri than to get an opinion on his situation with Ida Platano (but two balls are enough I can’t stand it anymore and go yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy) asks to Armando Incarnate?

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? But these are all freaking out, but I no longer have certainties in my life, but what does it mean Riccardo wants to know the opinion of Armando, but if you’ve always hated each other! But then why do you want to know the opinion, but it’s not a talk show, but what’s going on in that studio, just free us from evil amen, I really can’t take it anymore ùùùùùù!

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And we want to talk about the level of discomfort and no sense of the throne of Frederick Dainese? No, because even now I’m wearing the cringe of the ballet scene and of him blushing at the idea of ​​the suitor who “with the holey pantyhose” (cit.) rubs against the package while he is sitting.

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No, really, the throne of Wedding ring it is completely surreal in its total and absolute uselessness, because it is one thing to say “cI’m looking for a girl who doesn’t already think about marriage and children but is more projected to live in the moment, perhaps enjoying the entertainment of her twenties“, but it’s another thing not to have the slightest intention of getting engaged. That is Wedding ring he is CLEARLY in the phase (which one normally lives at fifteen, to tell the truth) in which only sexual impulses guide him, he goes in search of only that, I always remind you up to a few weeks before ascending the throne this one was there flirting via chat with the ladies of the Throne over. THE LADIES OF THRONE OVER.

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Now, honestly I’m not that stupid and naive to think about Men and women you go to really look for love, but it’s a tv show that requires that formula and so you have to at least pretend, spy. Otherwise we take better actors who are now so much at this.

No, come on, all kidding aside, the thing that a lot of guys point out in doing the throne a Men and women is that you certainly deepen knowledge in a different way than outside, outside you probably end up in bed on the second outing (if not directly on the first), the program as it is structured allows you to experience the thing in a more platonic and gives you a way to fuel interest in ways other than pure physical attraction.

Here you are, Wedding ring gnafa. For him, even in the fourth external the focal point is always the physical attraction so much so that for a second I had naively thought that he really liked her a little more Naomi Annunziata but instead no, nothing, Noemi he only likes it because it’s good but once two more goodies arrive, Noemi climb in the rankings as the new ones will climb if newer and more boner ones arrive.

Here, listen Wedding ringlisten to aunt, but what are you doing there, come on, follow the example of your namesake in the feminine and go back to the house, come on, that much for how they have assembled the latest exteriors, and for the comments in the studio of the presenter and commentators , I hear the sound of the trapdoor under your feet loud and clear.

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Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 11/15/22

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