Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 2/05/22

Sorry but Aurora Colombo in the last two stakes of Men and women relating to the throne of Luca Salatinoit made me laugh, it was so surreal, that I don’t even know if I will be able to attack it as it deserves.

I mean, but she ran away from this throne like hell, but she wanted to escape as far as possible and didn’t know how to do it anymore.

I swear to you I will disappear because after that super cinematic exterior with tearful music and lemons framed in the foreground, she considered her work completely sold out and she no longer knew what excuses to find to escape without looking back

men and women

Already last time, after that theoretically super love outside, she had got up from the studio and was leaving the program completely at random, for trivial matters that one who did the external who had just done she shouldn’t even have considered, and today, then, the touch of class, first the letter a Luca in which he tells him that ‘you make me want home, pizza and chips in front of the TV ‘ and five minutes later ‘listen, no, we are not compatible so I want my home and pizza and chips in front of my TV, ALONE‘.

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But how can I hate her! How can I criticize her when she ultimately just wanted her two attendance fees up Channel 5she also underwent the outdoor hot with Mr Durello and he saw himself already married with a house, children and dogs? She disgusted him so much that to pretend to the end she just didn’t make it, she didn’t even manage to pretend yes to the choice to enjoy at least the prestigious cover of Men and Women Magazine, she had to run away immediately, immediately. She made me laugh a lot, I can’t help it, she was really terrified to see him so involved in the situatesthat the editorial staff also had to convince her to come to the studio to give him the post directly because she actually wanted to move directly to Cambodia and not share with Pretzel not even the nation.

men and women

However, I would be really happy instead of Soraia Ceruti And Lilli Pugliese, huh. That is, he honestly was just stupid after Aurora and it seemed more evident to me today than ever. Now he will choose one of them, by exclusion. How nice to be chosen by exclusion.

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Riccardo Guarnieri I have to figure out if I have to start hating him completely or I can keep a small and faint hope that mine will return Riccardone one onebecause ok that invites Ida Platano to dance, ok that is the usual heavy pain in the ass attached to the one that ‘comes home’ and that has shattered the ovaries to Gloria Nicoletti for a like on Instagram acting like a Armando Incarnato inciucione social media whatever, but when today he said clearly that with Ida he has no plans to return and that he was very comfortable with Mariagraziawell, for a second I saw what I’ve always hoped to see from the moment of his return, and that is him doing his own thing in face of a gnawing Suitable.

Riky I am weak with you, I admit it, I am partial with you, I admit it. Come on, keep reiterating that with Ida you don’t go back and it starts to flicker here and there, do it and I’ll forgive you, do it, then do a couple of shows in underwear, and I’ll forgive you twice as much.

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Up Idaon the other hand, I have no more words, even today Tina Cipollari she was PERFECT both when she emphasized her modus operandi with the men in the program (we go out-I’m fine-I like- lemon- problems- weeping -victim) and it will be the same with this Mister muscle hydraulic gel who came to court her today, and when he reiterated that she has been in there FOR YEARS hoping that Riccardo you look at it and think about it, both when it has stated, with absolute certainty, and if the Guarnieri at any moment he offered her to leave the program together, she would accept immediately.

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And even if that were the case, since he doesn’t take this step, what should she do in the meantime, can’t she go out with other people?“, he said Gianny Sperty protector of Santa Idawell, of course it can, my dear Gianninobut maybe he did it at his house without spoiling our existence, because for YEARS any acquaintance he undertakes Ida in there then we always end up talking about the fact that she is still in love with Riccardoand then go and fall out of love at your house, let go, do not demean us, this stuff is becoming morbid and obsessive that I seem to watch the remake of Fatal Attraction. That is, but enough, enough, after years I can not witness the usual face of Ida than when they ask her if she feels anything for Riccardo freezes and the luminous writing passes across his forehead ‘Yes, I want‘, because I’m sick of being tarantella but ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH WE ARE SATUUUUUUUUUUUUUURIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

Mamma mia, oh, luckily we are in May and in a month we will remove them all from the bales because I have reached the maximum limit of tolerance and I seriously risk reducing my next opinions to an endless list of insults and profanities addressed indiscriminately to anyone. .

men and women

Video of the episode: Whole betGloria: ā€¯Riccardo, my likes? In good faith”Riccardo and Maria Grazia: slowly forwardTina: “Ida truths burn ..”Two new knights for IdaMarco: “Riccardo is back to put Ida in difficulty”Maria: “Ida are you interested in Riccardo? Riccardo are you interested in Ida? “Luca and Aurora: the comparisonLuca: “You hold back. Don’t give me certainties .. “Aurora: “Luca, there is no communication between us”

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Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 2/05/22

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