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At Men and Women the news is always updated. In a summer characterized by sparkling gossip, the name of the first tronista is already being made.

The program is on vacation only for the public at home, while the staff are working to identify new entrants. Men and Women, the Canale 5 dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi, is preparing to give an appointment again to its loyal viewers. We will come back to talk about love and feelings and the participants will return to see themselves at the center of the study trying to cross their life paths.

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Meanwhile, the name of the first tronista is already being made and there is great curiosity about his profile. It is to be expected that this is a person who has emotions to convey, tell, bring out, in short, who has a certain ability to get involved. It is obviously not certain that he can find his favorite suitor but the production always tries to create interesting and lively potential dynamics.

Men and Women, the name of the first tronista

The news itself is already intriguing. In reality, there is a great deal of anticipation for everything. Viewers, who have been following men and women for years now, they are eager to hear the news for next season. First of all the opinion makers: Tina Cipollari and Gianni Sperti, according to rumors, should be confirmed. Obviously at the helm there will always be Maria De Filippi, skilled like few others in the entertainment world to settle problems, discussions, disputes.

And then there will still be Gemma Galgani, Ida Platano and Armando Incarnato? It is about historical faces of the Throne Over, which in fact, now airs at the same time as the Classical Throne. And, by the way, already check the name of the first tronista. According to the indiscretion, which comes directly from the super gossip expert Amedeo Venzait would be a young person, who perhaps wants to get involved and to be courted, maybe. The real reasons can only be known to the person concerned. The affairs of the heart, just to quote a lucky song of the Collagethey are complicated.

What profile will it have? Unleashed fans

Virtually nothing is known about him: according to the expert – cited as a source, among other things, by the blog – he would be called Alessandro, he would be Milanese and he would be 19 years old. He could therefore be the first tronista of the new season of Men and Women. What drives a 19 year old to try this path? Perhaps curiosity and the desire to meet interesting people. After all, there is no right age to launch. And if he was selected, Maria De Filippi will have made the evaluations of her.

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Immediately the curiosity of the fans was unleashed around this novelty, even if it is still early to find out more. We will have to wait. In any case, the hunt for the news that has arisen around this first indiscretion relating to the new faces of the program says a lot about how much Men and Women is a transmission able to make people talk about themselves and arouse interest. Even with the curtain down for the summer holidays.

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Men and women, the first tronista is him: the secret identity appears – Political24

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