Men and Women, Tina Cipollari with an open heart to Verissimo: “That’s who my only great love was”

The historic columnist of the dating show of Men and Women, Tina Cipollari, talked about herself in Silvia Toffanin’s living room during the last appointment of Verissimo.

The historian columnist of the dating show of Men and women,Tina Cipollarishe told herself in the living room of Silvia Toffanin during the last appointment of very true.

Men and Women, Tina Cipollari to Verissimo: “I think Antonio was my only great love, my prince charming”

A completely unprecedented interview that of Onions in the talk show of Canale 5, in which a more intimate and fragile side of him emerged. The most famous blonde columnist on the small screen also talked about her childhood and her love, much suffered, for a man, the most important in her life.

“Let’s say that my audience knows only a part of my life – Tina told Silvia Toffanin – since I made my first television debut. No one actually knows my story since I was a child. I never talked about it. me. I never told myself about what I had lived, about what my life was like before I was known. From there it all started. I decided to tell myself and I must say that I struggled so much. There is this dive in the past that made me fragile again and that made me remember things that I had probably tried all my life to put aside. I must say that today thanks to that little girl I was, I am the woman I am. “

There Onions confessed to having lived a painful past with which he still has to deal:

I was born into a modest family. My parents were two farmers, they worked all day in the fields, they didn’t have much time to devote themselves to their children. My father got up at three in the morning, a very tiring and hard life. My mother was a very strong woman with a lot of energy, she was able to take care of four children and also go to work. She also carried out this activity, a woman who was never able to be happy, to be content. In the evening I saw this tired woman, with a great desire to do things, but unfortunately her energies had been exhausted and therefore I did not expect anything from her. I knew she couldn’t give more than she was giving. Remembering these moments hurts me. I didn’t want this to happen because I have always tried to mask so many pains, so many things through laughter. I have this way of dealing with a smile but which actually hides so many pains, so many anguishes.

In particular, the Onions spoke of an episode he still remembers:

“It was winter, our mother wanted to take us to Rome, we had to take this famous bus and we had to go a part of the way because we didn’t have a stop right in front of the house. We had to take a stretch of tight road that formed mud when it rained and then we dirty shoes. We got on the bus and arrived in this district of Rome we had to take a taxi to reach the center. I remember that he looked at us and said “your shoes are dirty with mud, I’m sorry not to be able to enter. he looked, he realized that I was uncomfortable and told me “but don’t worry, he is just an idiot, it’s not for that, he finished his races and he doesn’t want to let us in.” He didn’t want to make me weigh this thing about shoes. My life was made up of complexes. I lived the fact of living in the countryside as if it were something for poor people, for disastrous, marginalized people. It happened that when it came to peasants, they were considered a bit of a species apart, that counts for nothing, just dedicated to work and that’s it. “

“I wanted to help my mother – he continued – because I understood that she made big sacrifices to go on, then also to make me independent. I had the desire to buy myself things, you know when you become a teenager you have the desire to buy yourself a lipstick, an eyeshadow, a jeans . So many things my mother couldn’t afford. So I was inventing lots of things like going chicory. I was selling mimosa when it was flowering time. You work as a sales rep, babysitter. “

I grew up a bit quickly, this situation led me to help myself as I could. My mother always told me that I had to make myself independent, I never had to depend on anyone.

Tina Cipollari he then spoke of having lived a very beautiful love story but of great suffering with theman who defined his greatest love:

“Antonio was, I think, my only great love, my prince charming who in part made me live those dreams that I have always had. A really beautiful story that then ended badly, but which marked my life. son with him. A man who taught me to live, gave me so much, enriched me internally. He made my insecurities, fears, uncertainties, many things disappear. It was truly an encounter that changed my my life for the better. He died many years ago. “

After the end of this story I found myself alone, but by now I’m used to it, loneliness is part of my life. Those sufferings helped me to appreciate those little things, to be happy then in the future and this for It was very important to me and it still is. Faith helped me a lot. Not having a great dialogue with my parents or with the rest of the family, I often spoke with God. “

There Onions also talked about the dating show of Men and women. She is now one of the most loved and iconic protagonists of the program:

No Maria I’m going out was one of my funniest expressions I laughed a lot seeing myself again. This moment of joy did me good: I arrive in the studio thanks to my sister. She watched the program, it was on the air recently, she was very passionate, she told me about it she told me “you know there is this program with this man sitting on this throne who offers this ring to the woman who will be able to amaze him”. I still did not understand the mechanism, she told me “why don’t you call”, I called, I spoke to a lady when she realized that it was feasible she refused to go to the audition. I introduced myself and it all started from there.

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Men and Women, Tina Cipollari with an open heart to Verissimo: “That’s who my only great love was”

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