Michael Bay: «I’m under indictment for the death of a pigeon in 2018 on the set of 6 Underground. But I’m innocent”

Of Stefania Ulivi

The American director revealed it to The Wrap: the facts would have happened on the set of the film with Ryan Reynolds shot between the Capital and Florence. The lawyers: «On trial for ill-treatment. But videos and witnesses will prove it’s not true.”

He told the magazine himself The Wrap: Director Michael Bay is under fire for the death of a pigeon on the set of the film for Netflix 6 Underground, shot in Italy between Rome and Florence. The fact would have happened right in the Tuscan capital. American director denies any responsibility, and claims to have tried, unsuccessfully, to clarify the case with the Italian authorities. “As you know, I’m an animal lover, an activist. No animals involved in the production were injured. Like no other project in my 30-year career.” In Italy it is illegal to harm, kill or capture any wild bird. The complaint would have started from an anonymous report, by someone from the crew, a photo showing the bird unintentionally killed by a dolly, a sort of trolley used in the processing.

«We have both videos and several witnesses who demonstrate our non-involvement – claims the director of Armageddon And transformers -. And they deny that photo that offers a false story ». Bay adds that the Italian authorities would have offered him the possibility of closing the dispute with the payment of a fine but that he would have declined to not be guilty of the death of an animal. The legal case would therefore still be open. “I hope to be able to demonstrate extraneousness before a court,” he concludes. At the moment, no comments are coming from Netflix.

The pigeon in Italy is considered as a wild animal, based on the sentence of the Court of Cassation section III pen. no. 2598 of 2004 and as such it is forbidden to kill and capture them, as provided for by the law of 11 February 1992 n. 157, which identifies as belonging to wildlife «the species of mammals and birds of which there are living populations permanently or temporarily in a state of natural freedom in the national territory». Killing a wild animal is tantamount to poaching.

“About the news that appeared on the trial against Michael Bay – have declared his legalthe lawyers Fabrizio Siggia and Filomena Cusano – it is absolutely false that their client is accused ofkilling a pigeonbut only by one presumed, lack of vigilance as set manager for the use of birds in a scene from the film “6 Underground”. The process is about the hypothesis of animal abuse, and is taking place at the Court of Florence». Siggia and Cusano also specify that they will demonstrate «with eyewitnesses and videos from the set that Bay, from convinced animal rights activiststrictly complied with all the rules for the use of animals in cinema».

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Michael Bay: «I’m under indictment for the death of a pigeon in 2018 on the set of 6 Underground. But I’m innocent”

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