Montesano expelled from «Dancing». The fascist shirt, the Rai lawsuit: this is what happened

from Laura Zangarini

The X Mas t-shirt at the Ballando rehearsals, the RAI “oversight”, the reporting of Selvaggia Lucarelli, the political controversy, the expulsion from the program and the announcement of a lawsuit

The apologies given to a post on Facebook Sunday afternoon were not enough for Enrico Montesano to remain in the competition in Dancing with the stars. The timeline of the controversies that led toelimination of the actor begins the morning with a post by Selvaggia Lucarelli. The judge of Ballando reported on Twitter that Montesano the day before showed up at the show rehearsal wearing the X Mas t-shirt. That, if someone escapes, a military formation that fought alongside the Nazis against the partisans, as well as a symbol of neo-fascism. Two photos of Montesano accompany the post. One takes him from behind: on the black t-shirt the motto of the X Mas, Memento audere semper. Replicas are not long in coming. Among the first to condemn the gesture, the director of the RAI Riccardo Lagan. Which in a note he writes: Escape editorial control when outsourcing to external authors and production companies. Bad message on Rai1, inadmissible for the public service. We need respect for citizens and the Constitution; I look forward to serious measures. Montesano harangued the no vax inviting them not to pay the RAI fee – intervenes the National Association of Partisans of Italy -. Today he tries to “Dancing with the stars” with the X Mas t-shirt, known for its collaboration with the Nazis and the ferocity against the partisans. A shame that offends the victims of Nazi-Fascist crime and the Resistance, root of the Republic. Lagan’s own conclusion: We await serious action.

Montesano tries to put a patch. What for worse than the hole. He clears up the controversy with a: Fesserie, let’s leave the exploitation to others, and post a photo of him holding a PSI card dated 1976. In the late afternoon an apology: I am deeply sorry and embittered for what happened. I am a collector of shirtsI have that of Mao, of the USSR, but not for this reason I share the thought. There was no intention in me to promote political messages or an apology for fascism from which I am profoundly distant. I believe in the values ​​of the Constitution. it was naïve. I have nothing to do with Nazi-Fascism and totalitarianisms and I deeply despise them. Words that are not enough to avert the decision of the public service to interrupt Montesano’s participation in the Saturday evening broadcast, and to which Lucarelli adds the load: Macch ingenuit, the shirt was a voluntary act. Montesano has chosen in full awareness to show up in a rehearsal room full of cameras with that shirt.

What happened was unacceptable – Rai intervenes -. It remains inadmissible for a competitor to a public service television program to wear a T-shirt with a motto and a symbol that evoke one of the darkest pages of our history. We apologize to all viewers and, in particular, to those who have paid and suffered personally because of the Nazi-fascism to which that symbolism refers. Late in the evening the actor’s counter-move: the affair passes to the lawyers. The t-shirt of discord – claims the entourage of Montesano – was seen by Rai representatives both during the rehearsals of his artistic performance and during the recording of the same, and in the editing without any objection.

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Montesano expelled from «Dancing». The fascist shirt, the Rai lawsuit: this is what happened

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