Mourning for William and Kate Middleton. Shameless Harry

Mourning for William and Kate Middleton Shameless Harry

William and Kate Middleton they join in the family’s grief for the sudden death of Kuldip Singh Dhillon, a close friend of the Prince of Wales, his father Charles and his brother Harry, with whom they shared a passion for polo. And once again, the Duke of Sussex has managed to embarrass everyone for a nickname deemed inappropriate.



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Farewell to Kuldip Singh Dhillon, friend of William and Harry

Charles with William e Harry they often played polo with Kuldip Singh Dhillon on the field that he had built for him. Privately Dhillon was called Sootyliterally “sooty, black as coal”, a moniker that comes considered racist, but which Carlo’s friend did not find offensive. Indeed, as reported by the Daily Mailthe King himself called it that.

Harry and the embarrassing nickname

It seems that the scandal around this nickname, which broke out in 2009, is linked to Harry who, as is known, has also embarrassed his family in the past. At the time, a video circulated where the Prince called one of his fellow soldiers in this way and for this he was accused of racism. Ironically, given that Harry himself has pointed the finger at his family, claiming that he was asked racist questions around the color of his son Archie’s skin. In Shoot but it justifies itself arguing that he did not know such a term had negative connotations.

However, Buckingham Palace was very uncomfortable at the time of the events and Charles’s office issued an official apology on behalf of the second son. In ShootHarry says that he personally called his fellow soldier to clarify his intentions and the matter was resolved peacefully.

In any case, Dhillon never took offense to this and enjoyed being in the company of Charles and his children. In particular, William and Harry are very close to the youngest of their four children, Satnam, a professional polo player. The two families have spent a lot of time together and the sudden disappearance has left everyone stunned. Also Kate Middleton she shared mourning with her husband William.

The mourning that also affects Carlo and Camilla

Kuldip Singh Dhillon was at a wedding in India with his wife, Jacqueline, when he died and was in excellent health. For this reason, his sudden disappearance at the age of 72 surprised and saddened everyone. The manager of his estate said: “We can’t believe it. He was fine, it was a shock ”. The children joined their mother in India as soon as they received the news of their father’s death. But none of the acquaintances understands this sudden disappearance which also affected Carlo and Camilla, in fact it was the Queen consort who put her Majesty in contact with Dhillon many years ago and since then they have always been friends.

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Mourning for William and Kate Middleton. Shameless Harry

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