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May horoscope

Oh what a beautiful time! Good for you! You will realize this from May 10th to December 31st! You will say what you think and it will create enmities, but you can afford it, especially in love. The 26 will be the right day for a reconciliation or to try our luck. Leave no stone unturned in any area. Self-employed people will win a game. Your strength are words: use them!

Dear Taurus, you are trying to get rid of someone who doesn’t recognize your merits (like speaking straight? Sometimes honesty helps). In love, everything is ok. New friendships in sight that will blossom in June. Don’t think about living for the day because it’s not for you and remember to be humble where you don’t excel: no one is perfect, not even you. In the workplace in a few months you will want to radically change everything: evaluate well.

You have been coming for two tiring months, but every situation that occurs from May 10 onwards will be successful, relax. Has someone taken something away from you or has it underestimated you? A rematch is coming. The economic downturn will be recovered: revenue at the end of the month. Venus returns in good aspect, so there will be improvements in love. Clarity coming.

Not a very positive month. You are in decline, with excellent opportunities to discuss, in the middle of the month, in the professional sphere. Reflections on work: try to be satisfied and accept everything. This is not the time to be difficult. In love, the situation becomes tense and it is you who are not willing. Try to make the best of a bad situation by avoiding controversy. No stitching! I recommend: it is not a period. Singles will want more spiritual experiences than romantic relationships. Don’t get upset, watch your stomach: eat lightly and walk a lot. Oxygen. Attention on day 19 for nervousness.

Some of you are very tired and upset from the past few months. In Love you will have an awakening, but beware of reticence, oddities and doubts: look beyond and weigh the words. It’s time to start making plans for the future: news in work and communications from 10 May and for the next 4 weeks thanks to Jupiter in the sign. The first certainties are coming.

Virgo has a slight dissatisfaction that will subside by mid-month. Flashbacks in sight for the separated, while the feelings will be on the rise for the consolidated couples, but no direct clashes: wait for June for the brawls. Attention to money, unexpected expenses, causes, bureaucracy, enemies (real or presumed), and the legal aspect to be treated with care.

Keep your nerves steady because there are many things to do (too many) and patience is little, attached family. Check both the affections and the acquaintances well to live serene stories. You have Jupiter in opposition so the job requires more attention. You can no longer really bear certain people roles, impositions, constraints, so you could go into a rage to get rid of all this, but it is not the right time to do it, to say enough: now no. Forewarned is forearmed. Stay calm, breathe, take a nice walk, and get distracted as soon as your blood starts getting too hot. Moment of job replacements and permanent roles.

Dear Scorpios, those of you who are single should give up looking for a person because it is not the time. Maximum prudence in feelings, especially at the end of the month. New parents, newlyweds and those who have moved are very tired, so rest a little more. Starting to plan for the summer could distract you and cheer you up: do it. Work changes ahead of next season: start pondering and reasoning about it. Dissonant Saturn requires maximum attention to money and economic outputs.

Ready Set Go! Warm up your engines, we start from 10: destination new period. In love, desire is rekindled with positive Venus from 2 (some flashback?). Special emotions coming, single or not, whether you are. Make room for new projects, ideas, etc. Good news on the way. From 10 to 26 May some more hope. Don’t stop, but go, with your logical rationality.

Dissonant Jupiter requires attention to legal issues and small details. In love you should be more tolerant, avoiding family fights. Beware of relatives who will get in the way to create discord. Maximum agitation on 13th. Stay calm, especially in a professional environment. You are excessively tired and confused, you risk imploding. If you can, relax on your own.

Encourage new relationships, especially from different and distant cities or ages. The consolidated couples there will be important projects and every situation will unlock. Favorable Venus, Mercury and Saturn give a nice general situation. Big decisions to make at work. Perfect time to face tests, auditions, exams, interrogations and fights, as well as figuring out what you want to do from June onwards. Passion and growing optimism.

Clear, frank and energetic love; he inclined new friendships. It is the perfect time to show your charm, without underestimating new encounters. Need for sincere passions. Month of great interest, the only discordant note is Mars that causes a lot of excitement. You have had problems and expenses in the workplace and otherwise, but you are coming out of them and you have the resources for the future.

by Sissy Raffaelli

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.. News, News, Facts, personalities, politics of Valdinievole

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