Nina Moric: «The money to Fabrizio Corona? He really owes them to me. He is isolating our son Carlos “

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The model after the quarrel with her ex-husband and the intervention of the carabinieri: “I intend to report him for slander.” The regret: “Our son Carlos has decided to live with him, I am saddened.” Future: “I’m working on my autobiography”

He considers Friday’s “affair” “truly sad” and “incommentable”. But, he adds: “Now everything is in the hands of my lawyer, I intend to proceed for slander and for the facts themselves, which have violated my rights as a woman, as a mother, as an ex-wife, as a human being”. To talk (with the Courier) is Nina Moricthe Croatian model and naturalized Italian showgirl who two nights ago the ex-husband Fabrizio Corona found herself on the landing go into a rage and demand the return of an imaginary large sum of money. “It was a quarrel between an ex-husband and an ex-wife, like so many happen”, resized Ivano Chiesa, lawyer of the one who was the king of the paparazzi and who is now serving under house arrest for health reasons. the penalties of various processes. Moric, however, does not intends to let it pass. “Such treatment is not acceptable”.

Let’s try to reconstruct what happened?

“I live on the fourth floor of a residence, where there is a 24-hour concierge. It was after 10pm when I heard the screams outside the door: I don’t know how he managed to get up. At that point I called the carabinieri, but he too had called them. So three patrols arrived and I found nine to ten soldiers at home. I made myself available and said they could search my house because I had nothing to hide. And in fact at two in the morning they left, without finding anything ».

Fabrizio Corona was under house arrest, he could not have gone out to come to her.

“I didn’t even know he didn’t have the permits and I don’t want to mess with him. Humanly I feel sorry for him, but after all these years I want to keep a low profile and seek my serenity. I don’t want to put myself in dynamics that can harm him, but I don’t accept being slandered ».

Do you know anything about the money Fabrizio is talking about?

«But imagine! If we want to say all the money, and a lot, he owes it to me: I’m talking about a figure with six zeros. And anyway there is an Indian saying: with money you can buy a house, but not the people who make you feel good inside the house. It’s all really sad. “

Was your son Carlos Maria in the house too?

«No … Two months ago she decided to go and live with her father. I am saddened, but I also know that this is a transitory moment, it will pass. I’m afraid his father is isolating him from friends and everyone, including my Croatian parents and relatives. My wish for him is that he is serene and happy ».

Why does he say he’s isolating him?

“Well, because he no longer answers the calls from his schoolmates, who may be on reunion and would like to invite him. They call me to tell me. He doesn’t even answer to me. I would like him to start with university and everything, because being a humanist he has a special mind: it’s a waste that he doesn’t do anything right now. But the dynamics where he lives now are different from how I live: the father really likes to appear, but I want to take care of the depth ».

Don’t you ever go to see Carlos at his father’s house?

«Apart from the fact that I’m not welcome there, but this doesn’t affect me in the first person … I don’t even want to enter that house, it’s an environment that doesn’t coincide with my lifestyle. Fabrizio I don’t even see him as my ex-husband anymore, I have no emotional bond towards him, neither love nor hate. Complete indifference: how to talk about a stranger. I cut this umbilical cord for my own good and now it has involved me in a very unpleasant situation for which I have to proceed with my attorney. “

What time did you finish fixing up on Friday night after the carabinieri left?

“At six in the morning. Let’s say it was like being the protagonist of a film where I felt in the wrong. I put on some music while I was tidying up and then with me was my cat, Moon, an American Bombay who looks like a panther, but that’s all peace and love. The carabinieri did not frighten him: dressed in black as they all were, they must have seemed his fellow men ».

What are your days like now?

“I’m working on my autobiography. I don’t know with which publisher I will publish it yet, but I want to tell my story. Then I love to paint. And I’m still a model: despite my age, I still defend myself well! I do five minutes of plank every day, I even get to 10: it’s a mental challenge. Friday evening I didn’t do it because I was interrupted … ».

She is engaged?

“No, I’ve been single by choice for a long time now. From this summer. And I have to be honest: I don’t hold a grudge for any story, they had to be in my life and they made me get to take care of myself. We often want a person not to feel alone. If it comes well, if not, that’s okay: I have my kitten ».

Fabrizio Corona must at least acknowledge the merit of being the father of his son.

“It’s not a sperm that makes you a father. Fabrizio has a strong father-master personality, which I hope will awaken the lion that is in Carlos. We all made a mistake with him, but now he is a man, he is twenty years old, he has a hundred thousand different possibilities to realize his life, he has an enviable charisma. The Lord entrusts the most difficult battles to the warriors stronger than him ».

Do you believe in God?

«I believe in a god of good: it is not written in books, it has been tattooed in our hearts since our birth. And I’m a good soldier too ».

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Nina Moric: «The money to Fabrizio Corona? He really owes them to me. He is isolating our son Carlos ”

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