Paola Di Benedetto reveals what role she would no longer accept today

Although in recent days he is at the center of attention mainly due to his frequentation with the singer Rkomi (already come to an end?), Paola Di Benedettoin the last two years she has managed to make herself known to the general public thanks to her new job as a radio speaker at RTL 102.5 alongside Matteo Campese And Francesco Taranto.

Just his new job on the radio Paola spoke during a long interview with the weekly Gracein which he also told about his love life and his beginnings in the entertainment world:

I like working on the radio because it focuses only on words, on the ability to use them. But in addition there is the adrenaline of the live broadcast: I am always afraid of saying the wrong thing, of not being able to stem those who talk too much and not to remedy the silences of those who express themselves in monosyllables. I learned that the more important the guests are, the less one should fear: they give themselves simply, they have nothing more to prove. We hosted Loredana Bertè, who told us about his New York evenings with Andy Warhol. And Vasco Rossi, who told us about the good days, when he can make songs, and the bad days. Now in front of the sacred monsters I am almost calm.

Going back in time, Paola recalled the first steps taken in the entertainment world and the first two of spades:

I went into the agencies, they looked at me from head to toe and immediately: “Next next”. My physique didn’t work for the catwalks. Then I entered Italia 1, Colorado, after a “monstrous” audition with 200 girls, and I moved to Milan: it was traumatic at the beginning. I was, just as my mother said, the classic provincial girl accustomed to small dimensions, small distances, to having everything at hand. I had a sort of rejection of the big city and nostalgia for my Veneto. After all, I am an Italian girl attached to her roots.

And then came the role of Mother Nature to Hello Darwin and in this regard the By Benedetto he said that today he would not do it again:

The role of Mother Nature in Ciao Darwin was right at the time because it was the beginning of a journey that brought me here, I was very young. It was a role that was all about my appearance. Now I prefer to focus on content with the radio. But I thank the cast, who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to start working in the entertainment world.

But the real popularity came with the participation in Gf Vip 4, in 2020:

With the victory at Big Brother Vip 2020. When I entered the program, Italy was a normal country, upon leaving I found a country in lockdown. Thousands of people wrote to me on social media, from: “I watched you on TV, during the lockdown you kept me company” to: “You are the perfect wife for my son”. Italy had been stuck in the house for months, many people were cooking or exercising while watching us competitors doing the same thing.

Immediately after, however, the first “bad moment” of his career also arrived:

After the victory. It was a time to push my career, and to offer you any job, and instead it was all blocked for the pandemic. I was locked at home in Vicenza, the phone did not ring. I was disheartened. And I saw my country weakened by Covid, which is why I donated the cachet of the award to the Civil Protection. In that moment of national mourning, I would have felt out of place to keep that money. I came out of that period of crisis convincing myself that it was good to have a professional stop right then. After winning that show, it’s easy to get upset, lose touch with reality by going from a party to an inauguration to a guest on TV. I wouldn’t have taken that risk, I would have had to start over. But it was lucky. The Radio Zeta proposal has arrived. I went as a guest. And then they asked me to work with them. So I discovered the best job in the world.

In the end, Paola spoke about his relationship with Rkomibut without giving too much away:

In this moment I am serene. I’ve been lucky so far, I’ve had a beautiful three-year love affair with a musician, Federico.

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Paola Di Benedetto reveals what role she would no longer accept today

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