Paolo Fox horoscope today Monday 14 November 2022: for you the stars from Aries to Cancer – Controcopertina

Paul Fox Horoscope November 14 Aries

While it is obvious that two mistakes don’t make right and two lies don’t make truth, focusing for two minutes on thought can change things a lot. You are faced with a situation from which, in an ideal world, you would escape. But you are aware that avoiding facing it could make things worse. That anger! If you focus on what is happening today (instead of assuming you know it) you will be able to formulate a plan of action that turns your approach into a positive and successful one. Dreams of intimate life will come true. The week will bring a strong harmony with spirituality and feelings. Love will inspire changes and decisions in life. Take advantage of the next few days to take a decisive career step, raise standards and take your power. Parting and farewells will also mark this period. You can walk away from one group and join another. Cultivate serenity.

Paul Fox Horoscope November 14 Taurus

Darkness with a total absence of light is scary. The shadowless sun is harsh. When life is at its best, it is full of mixed feelings. We need contrast: to have something good and something less good. This may sound good, but in real life, when we are faced with a difficulty, it is difficult to remember that problem situations are precious, even essential, to happiness. Take a moment to appreciate how well you are doing today. What you are learning now will serve you for a happier future. Formalizations and decisions about the future will mark this week which will focus on relationships. A wave of positive energy will envelop friendships, group activities and love. Take advantage of this period to associate, form partnerships or reformulate your life plan and make choices more in tune with your goals and build relationships of trust. A journey will deepen the bonds.

Paul Fox Horoscope November 14 Gemini

When asked about the secret of their success, players often reply (not without petulance) that “there is no such thing as gambling and they are simply taking carefully calculated risks”. But it doesn’t convince me. It’s a seductive narrative, but there’s actually a gulf between taking risks and betting your earthly possessions on something. Before you get carried away by the emotions, take a moment today to ask yourself what you are going through. Could you win more than you can lose? If so (and you are sure of it), go for it! Today the road to success is open for you. A special proposal will come in the direction of dreams. The week will bring opportunities for professional growth, great prestige, projection and harmony in working relationships. Professional development paths will be opened. If you want changes, it will be a good time for new choices and redirects. Mars retrograde in your sign will ask for reflections before final decisions.

Paul Fox Horoscope November 14 Cancer

If every time you meet someone on the street you yell at them, that person will do everything they can to avoid you. It is very likely that he gets nervous even when he sees you from a distance. Unless, of course, you don’t like screaming. If so, he may enjoy the comparison and give you back more than you give him. You recently allowed a person to make you nervous (and a little intimidating), so try to avoid that. But you are not in danger. It is no longer necessary to change course. Be strong. An invitation to travel will awaken dreams and bring great excitement. The week will be lively, with new projects, international connections or with someone special from another region and lots of creativity. Embark on new experiences, shine and earn prestige. Changing the environment will cheer the heart and increase the chances of love. News in sight!

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Paolo Fox horoscope today Monday 14 November 2022: for you the stars from Aries to Cancer – Controcopertina

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