Paolo Fox horoscope today, Thursday 4 August 2022: the ranking of signs from worst to best

The ranking of the zodiac signs of the day of Thursday 4 August 2022, here are the favorites of the stars

The appointment with the ranking signs zodiac signs of the day today, Thursday 4 August 2022, based on the forecasts of thePaolo Fox’s horoscope. The following content is freely taken from the section edited by the app Astri by Paolo Fox. On Centrometeoitaliano you will also find the complete forecasts of Paolo Fox and of Branko. Find out the best and worst signs of the day. Weight scale at the bottom of the ranking, Scorpio at the top. And the other signs? Let’s go find out!

The ranking of the Paolo Fox Horoscope today, Thursday 4 August 2022: from twelfth to ninth place

Twelfth position for the Weight scale, struggling with some tension in the sentimental field: perhaps the partner complains too much and you are forced to justify yourself every time. Someone had to close a story recently. Why not try to change your attitude? Eleventh place for the Bull, who feels nervous because of a person around him. The Moon in opposition invites you to do things calmly and relax: avoid the frenzy. The astral picture is a bit special for those who have recently experienced a crisis of love: soon a final decision will have to be made. Tenth position for theAcquarium, who is looking for freedom and serenity: unfortunately it is not easy to be calm if there is always something wrong. You want to say everything you think, but be careful not to over-expose yourself. Ninth place for the Lion, which will have to face two tiring days despite the interesting period: try to plan everything in the best possible way to avoid getting confused. Some problems are not up to you but you still have to deal with them. Possible arguments in love, try not to overdo it.

The ranking of the Paolo Fox Horoscope today, Thursday 4 August 2022: from eighth to fifth place

Eighth position for i Fish, which had to postpone an important event. If you have recently separated, you have a duty to be more confident in the future and to experience things more positively. There are personal problems to be solved during this time. Seventh place for theAries, who has faced difficult and tense situations in the past 48 hours. On Thursday and Friday you can start recovering for a Sunday that will be important: the stars help you. Sixth position for the Capricorn, which can count on better stars than in the previous days: Thursday can give you special sensations. Good time for the sentimental field: you are able to accept and keep a story within you even when it is over. Fifth place for the Sagittarius, who can indulge in adventure: everything surprising and sudden impresses you in a positive way. You are heading towards an important weekend, especially as regards Sunday, and from next week you can take advantage of the help of Venus. Nice news for those who intend to exploit a passion.


The ranking of the Paolo Fox Horoscope today, Thursday 4 August 2022: from fourth to first place

Fifth position for i Twins, who want to surround themselves with many beautiful people. Those who live a little too much alone can wake up and aim for positive Venus from next week. Jupiter is already active and helps you to take away some satisfaction. If you are interested in someone try to meet them shortly. Fourth position for the Virgin, who knows how to best organize their life: others envy your sense of organization. The astral picture is positive and Mercury will soon be even more active. You can finally get rid of a burden. Second position for the Cancer, which can count on important stars: you can finally find your smile again. Do not put love aside: those who think they are fine alone make a mistake. The planets lend a hand to those who have been a little too lonely lately: get involved. First place for it Scorpio, who has special insights right now. Between Thursday and Friday you will have many opportunities and an important situation will come. You can fix gaps in difficulties. Put your reasons to bear: from next week you will be able to speak clearly.

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Paolo Fox horoscope today, Thursday 4 August 2022: the ranking of signs from worst to best

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