Paolo Fox horoscope today, Wednesday 3 August 2022: the ranking of signs from worst to best

The ranking of the zodiac signs of the day of Wednesday 3 August 2022, here are the favorites of the stars

The appointment with the ranking signs zodiacal signs of today, Wednesday 3 August 2022, based on the forecasts of thePaolo Fox’s horoscope. The following content is freely taken from the section edited by the app Astri by Paolo Fox. On Centrometeoitaliano you will also find the complete forecasts of Paolo Fox and of Branko. Find out the best and worst signs of the day. Aries and Capricorn are at the bottom of the rankings.

The ranking of the Paolo Fox Horoscope today, Wednesday 3 August 2022: from twelfth to ninth place

Twelfth and last position for theAries who must still have a little patience, also because there has been confusion since yesterday. There have probably been delays or some appointments have been missed. Those who have made mistakes may even retrace their steps. Anyone who has had a physical problem must overcome it. Eleventh place for the Capricorn who must avoid straying too far from reality, even if it is sometimes hard. Some work relationships lack a bit of security and you also have to look for the solution to a personal problem. Things will be better next week when it comes to feelings. In tenth position we have the Cancer: this is not the best day to argue, also because you happen to be a little melancholy at times. You do not trust and therefore take great care of your privacy. Sometimes you are also afraid of being misinterpreted and for this reason you shut yourself up. Ninth place for theAcquarium that he can take advantage of this Wednesday, even if the following days, until Saturday, will be a bit strange. Avoid doing everything in a hurry if you have to solve a problem, otherwise you risk making some mistakes.

The ranking of the Paolo Fox Horoscope today, Wednesday 3 August 2022: from eighth to fifth place

Eighth position for the Bull: that until Saturday he still has to be a bit cautious, also because even the most conservative people of the sign are now not entirely satisfied. Those who have recently confirmed a love, however, are now more serene. Seventh place for the Weight scale which has the Moon in the sign and this brings emotions. He tries to put aside the anxiety and uncertainties. Watch out for competitions within the couple and avoid confrontations. The period could still create some difficulties. In sixth position is the Sagittarius who has the Moon on his side. Only Sunday will be a bit of a strange day. Anyone who has an unofficial history that has been going on for some time now wants to make it official. Jupiter brings resources and will do so even more from next week. In fifth place is lo Scorpio which is ruled by Mars, which represents dominance and battle in astrology. You are a very creative sign and you know how to make yourself respected. Now it is important to be creative also to regain some command of the situation.


The ranking of the Paolo Fox Horoscope today, Wednesday 3 August 2022: from fourth to first place

Fourth position for the Virgin, which is experiencing a moment of relief compared to a month ago. Anyone who has had a big problem now knows how to solve it. From Friday the astral picture will be important for those who want to organize a large project. Third place for the Lion who must concentrate his forces on this Wednesday, also because between Thursday and Saturday there will be some problems to be solved. Sunday, on the other hand, will be very interesting. The Sun is still in the sign and Venus is on your side. In second position are i Twins, who are experiencing a good time and from next week then there will also be active Venus. However, some concern remains, but it is also normal. The best sign of the day is Pisces who can live three important days from Thursday to Saturday. Some are trying to make up for lost time, as if last year during the summer there was a moment of great standstill and indecision regarding your private life. Try to speak clearly between Thursday and Saturday.

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Paolo Fox horoscope today, Wednesday 3 August 2022: the ranking of signs from worst to best

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