Peppa Pig also bursts into the election campaign – Politics

Peppa Pig, a popular children’s cartoon, also bursts into the election campaign. Already yesterday, Pro Vita Famiglia onlus and Fdi who arose (preventively) for an episode in which a family with two mothers was presented to focus attention and criticism on the stylized pink pig.
The association had even launched an online petition in which it ordered Rai not to broadcast “gay cartoons for children”, defining it “intolerable to use cartoons in LBTQIA + sauce to influence the mind” of the little ones and normalize situations based on ideology. gender “.
The alarm was triggered by the anticipation in Great Britain of this first episode with the presence of “two lesbian mothers”.
A position made his own, again yesterday, by Fdi who with Federico Mollicone, culture manager of Fratelli d’Italia, thundered: “The choice of the authors of the cartoon Peppa Pig to insert a character with two mothers is unacceptable.
Once again the politically correct has struck and our children are at the expense of it. But can’t children just be children? As Giorgia Meloni recently demonstrated, we are and will always be on the front line against discrimination, but we cannot accept gender indoctrination. This is why we ask RAI, which buys the rights to the Peppa Pig series in Italy with the canon of all Italians, not to broadcast the episode in question on any channel or web platform “.

“Peppa Pig is a cartoon that on average three-year-olds watch. These are subjects that families should handle. This I have always thought and this I continue to think. There are no famous phobias that some believe. ” This was stated by the president of Fratelli di Italia, Giorgia Meloni, answering a question from reporters on the sidelines of her participation in the Friuli doc food and wine festival in Udine.

But the controversy did not hint at burning out. Again today Pro Vita, through its spokesperson Jacopo Coghe, returned to the subject by reproposing, word for word, the complaint already made public yesterday. This time, however, the center-left takes the field. For Alessandro Zan, ironically, Fdi has discovered a new adversary, “a new enemy besieging the nation: Peppa Pig”. He sinks into sarcasm the position of Più Europa which sees in Peppa Pig “a specter that roams Italy” putting the “country in danger”. And he who knows what will happen when in Fdi-they ask from + Eu- “they will come to know that same-parent families exist not only in cartoons, but in reality”.
That “rainbow families exist, and that all their rights must be recognized”, warns Nicola Fratoianni of the Green-Left Alliance, the right has to make a point of saying it is ready to suggest “to Meloni to eliminate Qui Quo Qua , the three grandchildren who grow up with Donald Duck.
Or Masha, who even grows up with Bear “.
And another question to Giorgia Meloni finally comes from the dem secretary, Enrico Letta: “So Peppa Pig must be censored and the video of the woman raped in Piacenza must be relaunched without limits?”.