Peppa Pig welcomes a rainbow family

Peppa Pig embraces the evolution our society is moving towards and for the first time includes a lesbian couple among her characters. A decision, that of inserting a rainbow family, which was enthusiastically welcomed by the associations representing the LGBTQ + community, but which has also aroused a lot of criticism (unfortunately).

Although the laws of some countries, including Italystruggle to conceive it, the rainbow families they are a reality and must be recognized as such. She asks, among others, Tiziano Ferrowho decided not to give the Italian passport to their children Andres and Margherita, since here “they would be entitled to half the parental supervision, even if there are two people who can take care of them” and even a cartoon like Peppa Pig. Yes, because 18 years after the transmission of the first episode of the famous British animated series and following one petition which has reached 24,000 signatures, among the cast of animals that populate Peppatownalso one entered rainbow family. The choice to insert a lesbian mothers couple within a program designed for the little ones, it was received with enormous enthusiasm by associations that for years have been asking for greater media inclusiveness towards the LGBTQ + community, but at the same time – and unfortunately it was to be expected – it was overwhelmed from the sterile controversies of those who cry to gender theory.

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Peppa Pig is the first (gorgeous) rainbow family on the show

Last Tuesday in Great Britainand more precisely on Channel 5, an episode of Peppa Pig who scored a epochal turning point in the history of the English cartoon. During the episode, entitled precisely “Families”, Peppa and her friends are intent on draw their own families. In all the drawings a mother and a father appear, while in that of the little one Penny Polar Bear are represented two bears. These are his two moms, which the tender bear does not hesitate for a moment to present to the rest of the gang. “I’m Penny Polar Bear. I live with my mum and my other mum. One mom is a doctor, while the other cooks spaghetti. I love spaghetti!“. And so, for the first time since the show’s debut, the Peppatown community was included as well a rainbow family, or made up of two parents of the same sex.

A choice (acclaimed) fruit of a petition

The opening to a family model which differs from the traditional one but which must be considered equally valid and worthy recognition is a breakthrough for which Peppa Pig received several consents in the past few days. The cartoon, in fact, has been several times accused of reiterating old and stale clichés regarding the gender representations. Just the fact that in the protagonist’s family the mother takes care exclusively of the care of the house and the children, while the father “Pig” is the only one who is recognized the burden and the honor of providing for the economic support of the family by going to work, made the most attentive viewers turn up their noses several times.

For this reason, already in recent years, some activists from the LGBTQ + community they had called one petition to ask the creators of the cartoon include a single parent family within the cast. Finally, after reaching 24,000 adhesions, the petition paid off, giving the appearance of a rainbow family that Robbie de Santos of the LGBTQ + rights charity Stonewall he defined “fantastic“. The activist, consulted by the BBC, stated, in fact, that since “many of those who watch the show have two mothers or two fathers”, an inclusive choice such as that undertaken by Peppa Pig acquires even more importance, since it is an “iconic” program.

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There was no lack of criticism

On the other hand, however, there was no lack of criticisms. In fact, there are those who bluntly accused the cartoon of “Confuse” the children through the representation of a homogenitorial family, thus opposing the openness to inclusiveness adopted by the creators of Peppa Pig. Fortunately, the detractors and their homophobic comments were promptly reprimanded by those who pointed out to them that children have superior sensitivity and emotional intelligence compared to that of many adults and, considering all the ugliness (fictitious or otherwise) to which they are exposed every time they turn on the TV, there are very different contents that should arouse parents’ concerns.

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Peppa Pig welcomes a rainbow family

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