Pietro Maso remembers his parents 31 years after the murder: “I miss them, but I want to be forgotten”

31 years after that tragic night of blood, Pietro Maso confesses that he misses his parents and lives in remorse

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With a look tried by prison and remorse, Peter Maso recalled the parents in what he himself called thelast interview on the murder of April 1991. Maso was told in the episode of ‘Cronache Criminali’ aired on Monday 14 November on Rai 1 with Giancarlo de Cataldo conducting.

Pietro Maso remembers his parents: “I miss them”

Pietro Maso stripped himself naked in what he declared to be “the last interview on the murder of my parents.”

A profoundly changed man, the one who shows up on camera 31 years later that tragic night made of pain, blood and death. On several occasions Maso has said himself repented for that massacre and to this day, he explains, there isn’t a day in which he doesn’t think of his parents and doesn’t feel the desire to travel back in time to stop before the double crime.

Peter MasoPhoto source: ANSA

Pietro Maso escorted by the carabinieri in a shot from 1992. In the night between 16 and 17 April 1991, together with some accomplices, he killed his parents

To the cameras of ‘Cronache Criminali’, the now 54-year-old Pietro Maso said: “I would have liked to take my dad’s hands and say ‘I love you‘, or my mom’s, but I’ve never been able to. And it’s something I suffer from today. And I miss being able to tell my parents that I need them. Because life is difficult and I too need to be comforted and to give my values, my feelings, my emotions to my parents. humanely I miss thembecause I would like physical contact, but spiritually they are close to me and this is already a lot for me”.

The massacre of April 17, 1991

In the night between 16 and 17 April 1991 in Montecchia di Crosara (Verona) the double homicide of Antonio Maso And Mariarosa Tessari.

In the background were the 1990s of a province which, all things considered, enjoyed a certain amount of well-being, and the Maso family could be considered wealthy. The young Pietro, 19 years old, was fascinated by the beautiful and the damned, a model that was just from ‘Miami Vice’ but which also came from Brian De Palma’s ‘Scarface’.

Pietro wanted that life as a noir character without scruples or fears, willing to do anything to observe the society of high comfort. In Montecchia he made himself noticed while he lit cigarettes burning 100,000 lire banknotes, when he offered everyone a drink, when he whizzed by in sports cars and when he was emulated and respected by his friends.

This was not enough for him, so he thought that the only possible way towards well-being was to appropriate theinheritance of his parents.

For this reason, after a few unsuccessful attempts, Pietro Maso planned the killing of his parents together with his friends.

In the night between 16 and 17 April 1991 in Montecchia di Crosara (Verona) there was a strong storm. Pietro and his friends Damiano Burato, Paolo Cavazza and Giorgio Carbognin dressed in overalls and masks and waited for Antonio Maso and Mariarosa Tessari in their home, while the couple was out for an evening of prayer.

Upon their return, the gang attacked the spouses with bars, pans and a steering wheel lock. A few hours later Pietro Maso pretended to come back from the disco and discover the horror, and asked the neighbors for help.

At first the trail of murder for the purpose of robberybut Pietro Maso’s attitudes made the investigators suspicious.

The ‘Case Maso’, as defined by the press, was placed in the same vein as the massacre carried out by Doretta Graneris in 1975 and, a few years later, by Erika DeNardo And Omar Favaro in Novi Ligure.

In 2013 Pietro Maso returned to freedom. In 2016 he attempted an epistolary correspondence with Manuel Foffoguilty together with Mark Prato in the murder of Luca Varani. Maso wrote to him once he learned from the press that Foffo wanted to kill his father Walter, but Manuel declined any attempt.

Pietro Maso today: the gardener who helps prisoners

Today Pietro Maso works as a gardener and helps prisoners to reintegrate into society through the non-profit organization La Pietra Scartata. The hope of him is to be forgotten since, over the years, he has discovered a path of faith through which he has found his redemption.

For this reason Maso blinks nervously when he remembers that night for the television cameras of ‘Cronache Criminali’: remorse does not leave him and, as they remember during the service, the media attention was very high with the specials curated by Gad Lerner And Michael Santorowho in their broadcasts collected the comments of those who, before the massacre, knew Maso and his gang.


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Pietro Maso remembers his parents 31 years after the murder: “I miss them, but I want to be forgotten”

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