Queen Elizabeth, after her husband dies too: she is broken in two

Queen Elizabeth seems to have no peace. For someone who is very close to her, a death has marked her life forever

A tragedy that no one would ever want to experience and that seems to have affected precisely the very close people at the Queen Elizabeth II. But what happened in the world of royalty? Let’s find out together. It was 2011 the year that Queen Elizabeth celebrated the grandson wedding.

A wedding that was broadcast by all the networks and that also kept millions of Italians glued to the TV. Their union has always been seen under one good lightprecisely because husband and wife succeed in cover to perfection the role assigned to him. Something that above all she had to learn to do, also because it does not come from one family of noble origins.

Fortunately, however, she managed to immerse herself perfectly in the princess clothesto the point that many hope that she is the woman who can take the place of Elizabeth II. Although well known and rich, Kate And William I am nothing but a man and a woman like everyone else. Who very often find themselves dealing with imported misfortunes, which life occasionally puts on the path of all of us.

An incredible tragedy that Queen Elizabeth experienced

Queen Elizabeth devastating tragedy

That’s it, on the site piudonnawe read about one confession made by Kate which reveals to have lived a very difficult time. Something that put a strain on her marriage. All this happened after the birth of theirs first son. The one who was about to become a large family found herself in front of one of the tragedies more dramatic which affects many couples.

At that time Kate and William were staying expecting the second childa pregnancy that was terminated by a miscarriage. A situation that Kate has overcome with great difficulty, to the point that the two have even had to undergo a psychotherapeutic path. So that they could move forward and overcome this tragedy together, also reported by piudonna.

It was a very difficult period, therefore, for Kate who fortunately also saw a happy ending. Just to console the sister-in-law for what happened, Megan approached Kate just to offer a shoulder to cry on. This is when she reveals an insider, bringing to light what happened to Megan, a woman she suffered an abortion before the birth of the eldest daughter Lilibet.

On that occasion, even Kate had shown her all of hers solidarity staying by her side until, until her sister-in-law recovered. A tragedy that of Kate and William which, however, did not knock them down. After Prince GeorgeKate becomes pregnant again and then gives birth to the baby Charlotte and, later, the last born Louis. In the last few hours, news is spreading that sees the protagonist Kate’s tummywhich seems to take on suspicious forms.

The sign that Kate and William are waiting for the fourth child? All that remains is to wait and find out if this gossip turns into something official or less.

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Queen Elizabeth, after her husband dies too: she is broken in two

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