Queen Elizabeth II, the queue for the funeral home suspended: thousands of subjects waiting for the last tribute. Funeral on Monday

Latest news on the death and funeral of Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom.

Thousands of subjects line up in London to pay their respects and bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II whose coffin is displayed in Westminster Hall.
Mattarella telephones King Charles III. State funeral on Monday: among the funeral participants also Macron “The bond between France and the United Kingdom is indestructible”, underlined the Elysée tenant, while countries such as Russia, Belarus and Burma will be excluded from the invitations.

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Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Charles III in Welsh: “I will continue to serve you as a prince”

“I will continue to serve you” as when I was Prince of Wales. King Charles III said this, speaking in Welsh alternating with English, in front of the Senedd, the legislative assembly of the nation of the United Kingdom to which the sovereign is particularly attached, having carried the title as heir to the throne for over half century. Charles, receiving official condolences for the Queen’s death from the local parliament and First Minister Mark Drakeford during his visit to Cardiff, said that his mother was “immensely proud” of Wales and that he feels the same for the nation. affection. As a sovereign he intends to continue on the path indicated by Elizabeth and has
then repeated the motto of the Prince of Wales, “Ich Dien” (I serve). Charles had studied the local Celtic idiom as a young man before assuming the long-held title and now transferred to William.

Kenya, first trip abroad for new president: he will attend the Queen’s funeral

William Ruto’s first official overseas trip as Kenyan head of state will be in London. Ruto will in fact participate in the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, scheduled for Monday in Westminster Abbey. The site “Kenyans” reports it. The new president of Kenya, who took office on Tuesday, exactly one month after the election, will meet many other world heads of state in London for the first time as leaders. Ruto from London will leave directly for New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Kenya was a British colony from 1920 to 1963.

Queen Elizabeth, Msgr. Gallagher will represent the Pope at the funeral

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“Monsignor Paul R. Gallagher, Secretary for Relations with States, will represent Pope Francis at the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on Monday 19 September”: the director of the Holy See Press Office Matteo Bruni reported.

The king and queen consort attend a prayer in Cardiff’s Llandaff Cathedral

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla are now at Llandaff Cathedral, where they will participate in a prayer and reflection service dedicated to Elizabeth II. The monarchs were invited by the Prime Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford and the Secretary of State for Wales Sir Robert Buckland, as well as many other Welsh political figures.

The facial micro-expressions of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

Too many people in line to greet the Queen, break of at least 6 hours

It will be “at least 6 hours” the break to any further access to the queue of people waiting to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth’s coffin in London: a break already announced this morning by the British government officials in organizing the events for the farewell to the sovereign.
The Ministry of Culture formalized this in a note, stating that the people in line have also filled Southwark Park, at the entrance to the area. And that the queue of those who are already waiting to enter Westminster Hall will therefore be partially disposed of, before being able to reopen it to new arrivals

China accuses: “Protocol against our delegation violated”

The presence of foreign delegations “at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at the invitation of the United Kingdom is a sign of respect for the Queen. As a guest, the United Kingdom should maintain diplomatic protocol and hospitality”. This is the harsh comment of the spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, Mao Ning, on the story that saw a Chinese delegation refused access to Westminster Hall and the possibility of signing the condolence book at Lancaster House.

The tribute of the British people to the Queen’s coffin live on the BBC

As always the BBC covers the live streaming of the homage of the British people to the Sovereign who disappeared a week ago.

Charles III ends tour in Wales, anti-monarchy protests awaited

King Charles III visits Wales today, the last leg of his tour in the four British nations as the new ruler of the United Kingdom (a tour that has already taken him to Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as England of course). And anti-monarchist protests are expected when the king is at Cardiff Castle. The king and queen consort, Camilla, will travel by helicopter to Cardiff, where they will participate in a religious service in honor of Elizabeth II, who died last week at the age of 96. Both will also be present at an extraordinary session of the Welsh Autonomous Parliament in which a motion of condolence will be approved for the deceased sovereign, who has remained on the throne for seven decades. they will also visit Cardiff Castle, where the king will hold a private audience with Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakeford. The Welsh First Minister has already dismissed any protest as a “footnote” to the main event: “People have this right and I think it will be exercised with
moderation but it will be a footnote to the dominant feelings of the day

Back off Buckingham, Harry may be in uniform at wake

Latest news on Queen Elizabeth II's funeral

Latest news on Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

Prince Harry will be able to wear his military uniform for the last vigil to Queen Elizabeth II, the one with his cousins, on Saturday evening: Buckingham Palace has in fact made a last minute change to its protocol indications. The decision is important because it testifies to the ‘extended hand’ of the Royal Palace towards the rebellious son of Lady Diana and now the new king. The decision on Harry is really a U-turn: “Common sense prevailed,” a source told The Telegraph.

The Chinese delegation will not go to Westminster Hall: no entry

The London House of Commons banned the Chinese government delegation from entering Westminster Hall, where Queen Elizabeth’s coffin is located. A well-informed source told Politico, citing the decision made by the speaker of the British Parliament, Sir Lindsay Hoyle. Hoyle’s office, however, specified that it did not want to comment for security reasons. All heads of state visiting London for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Monday were invited to attend Westminster Hall and sign a condolence book at Lancaster House. However, Westminster Hall is part of the Palace of Westminster, over which the House of Commons and Lords have authority. Last year they banned the Chinese ambassador, Zheng Zeguang, from entering parliament after Beijing imposed sanctions on some British politicians who criticized the treatment of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. The ban remains in force as the sanctions.

Rangers Glasgow fans against UEFA directive to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth.

Glasgow, Rangers fans have disobeyed Uefa Champions League directives which prohibited singing anthems at the start of matches. The gesture made at the Ibrox Stadium, before the meeting with Napoli, could cost Scottish fans a fine.

Two officers stabbed in central London

Two police officers were taken to hospital after being stabbed in central London. According to the Metropolitan Police, the incidents took place near Leicester Square around 06:00. However, it is excluded that the aggression could be linked to terrorism. The conditions of the agents are unknown.

“A taser was used,” Scotland Yard said, and a man was arrested on suspicion of serious personal injury and assaulting a rescuer. He is also hospitalized. London Mayor Sadiq Khan called the attack “absolutely frightening”.

People queued for ten for hours for the last farewell to Queen Elizabeth: “Like a pilgrimage”

Latest updates on Queen Elizabeth II's funeral

Latest updates on Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

Long queues to arrive at Westminster Hall for the final farewell to Queen Elizabeth before the funeral will be held on Monday 19 September: “We have been in the queue for eight and a half hours – the words of some citizens in the night – and there are still two hours left”. Those who are waiting explain that “at the beginning there was a bit of waiting and that during the night it was quite tough because it was cold, especially along the river”. But with the dawn of a new day everything changes: “At times it seemed like a kind of pilgrimage”, they explain.

Queen Elizabeth funeral, the Canadian delegation ready to leave for London

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced the complete list of the Canadian delegation that will attend the Queen’s funeral on September 19: he and his wife Sophie will leave today for London. All of Canada’s former living prime ministers will also be present: Stephen Harper, Paul Martin, Jean Chrétien and Kim Campbell. The delegation for the Queen’s funeral also includes national indigenous leaders: First Nations Assembly National Head RoseAnne Archibald, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami President Natan Obed, and National Council President Métis Cassidy Caron.

King Charles in Wales: first visit as a new ruler

King Charles III will go to Wales on his first official visit as a new monarch to the country of the United Kingdom. This is the last of three visits that Carlo will make to the three capitals outside England: Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh. In his first week as a monarch, the visits show the importance the king places on the nations of the United Kingdom.

Russia not invited to Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral, Moscow: “Immoral decision”

Funeral chamber of Queen Elizabeth II

Funeral chamber of Queen Elizabeth II

Moscow reacts to London’s decision of do not invite the country led by Putin at the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth calling the choice “deeply immoral”. This was stated by the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

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Queen Elizabeth II, the queue for the funeral home suspended: thousands of subjects waiting for the last tribute. Funeral on Monday

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