Queen Elizabeth is dead. Charles III is the new king – Europe

Elizabeth II is dead, a chapter of history closes. The United Kingdom, the countries of the former British Empire and the world say goodbye in a climate of deep emotion to the queen of records, expired at 96 in the beloved Scottish residence of Balmoral, with his four children and closest family members around him: starting with the eldest son and heir to the throne Charles, who at 73 eventually becomes king with his second wife Camilla at his side elevated to queen consort. The daughter of George VI closed her eyes forever in the year of the Platinum Jubilee, the 70th of an era that began in 1952, and 18 months after the death of her inseparable wife Philip.

After only Tuesday she reappeared in one last public image – very fragile, but standing and with a serene smile printed on his face – to perform once again with irreducible dedication to his duties as constitutional monarch: presiding over the handover between Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, fourteenth and fifteenth premier of his very long reign, which began under the sign of Winston Churchill in Downing Street.

The sign of the precipitate of the situation had been given in the morning by the completely irrational announcement with which Buckingham Palace had made public “the concern of doctors“of court for her health (in decline for some months now between periods of rest, compulsory forfeits and” mobility problems “probably triggered by other pathological conditions), as well as by their decision to place her” under medical surveillance “. Words that evidently they were preparing for the irreparable, for that fateful moment that the registry office was destined to impose sooner or later; and which, however, an entire country would have liked to postpone again: clinging to a point of reference that has remained unchanging for decades, to one of the few anchors of certainty left available to the island and perhaps to the world.

The confirmation that time was now coming to an end came with the immediate departure of all four children of His Majesty towards Balmoral: with Anna, Andrea and Edoardo (accompanied by his wife Sophie) in the wake of Carlo. And with that of his nephew William, Carlo’s eldest son and second in line of succession, as well as that of his younger brother Harry, who landed in Scotland without his wife Meghan, to avoid other shadows of gossip about a solemn and painful moment. Then a second statement came to mark the end, in the face of the crowds of subjects and admirers who in the meantime had gathered sad and anguished in front of the same Scottish residence, at Buckingham Palace or at Windsor Castle, on a day made mournful even from the gray sky and rain: “His Majesty – the few words of the final official text – she died peacefully this afternoon in Balmoral.
The new King and Queen consort (Carlo and Camilla) will stay at Balmoral tonight and will return to London tomorrow. ”
Words read in a voice broken by emotion by journalists from the BBC and other British TV channels, and followed by the tears of many people gathered in the heart of London in front of Buckingham Palace to witness the lowering of the royal flag. While on the screens, after a few moments of silence, a portrait of Elizabeth appeared in the splendor of her royalty to the sound of the notes of the hymn God Save the Queen; and from the entire planet – monarchies or republics, it doesn’t matter – the chorus of messages of condolence and tributes immediately departed, from American President Joe Biden to various leaders or former leaders, addressed to the memory of a queen loved by many and respected by almost all on the five continents.

The fluctuating relationships with Harry and Meghan

The queen with princes George (8 years old), Charlotte (7 years old) and Louis (4 years old).

“The death of my beloved mother is a moment of great sadness for me and for all the members of my family “, Carlo then commented, in his first message as king.” I know it will be deeply felt throughout the country, the kingdom, the Commonwealth and by countless people around the world. The awareness of the affection and respect felt towards the queen is comforting “, concluded the new sovereign who will reign under the name of Charles III, as announced by Clarence House. Words that echo those of politicians of all colors at home. and Christian, Muslim and Jewish religious leaders. “We are devastated”finally summarized on behalf of the nation Liz Truss, Tory premier designated by Elizabeth II just 48 hours before his farewell, the last prime minister of his long reign.

“The United Kingdom and the world are in shock – continued Truss, dressed in black, addressing the country on live TV outside the door at 10 Downing Street – Queen Elizabeth II was a rock, under her reign this country thrived. ” Not without underlining the “mourning” of these hours, but also the strength of a “lasting legacy”. And pledging loyalty now to “His Majesty the King Charles III” with the revised and corrected ritual formula: “God Save the King”.

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“Deeply saddened to learn of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I offer sincere condolences to Your Majesty, the Members of the Royal Family, the People of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. I gladly join all those who mourn her loss in to pray for the deceased queen’s eternal rest, and in paying homage to her life of unreserved service for the good of the nation and the Commonwealth, her example of devotion to duty, her steadfast testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and her steadfast hope in his promises “. Thus the Pope in the telegram of condolence for Elizabeth II.

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Queen Elizabeth is dead. Charles III is the new king – Europe

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