Queen Elizabeth returns to the Royal Horse Show in public: smile and sunglasses

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After the forfeit at the State opening of Parliament a few days ago in Westminster, the sovereign arrived this morning at the equestrian event in Windsor. On her stands, smiling, with her son Edoardo

If anyone after the flat rate at the State opening of Parliament a few days ago in Westminsterhe thought Her Majesty had plans to retire, his appearance today in a car with sunglasses, for the Royal Windsor Horse show the demonstration that the Queen Elizabeth projected towards the June Jubilee without hesitation. Even with the caution that fragile health and age require.

After all, today’s appearance (always in the Windsor park where the castle residence of the sovereign also stands) for the Royal Horse show, the first public engagement after the mass in memory of Philip on March 29 last.

Smiling, with her usual geranium pink lipstick and her son Edoardo and Penelope Knatchbull Countess Mountbatten at her side (who had a special bond with the late Philip for a common passion for horses), the sovereign then climbed onto the stands to follow the races. Welcomed by the enthusiasm of the public.

A rod to help you move, Elisabetta today he confirmed his good condition not only of health, apart from motor problems, but also of morale.

Earlier this week when it was announced that he would renounced to open the parliamentary session it had already been specified that the sovereign would take part in all the Royal engagements on the agenda, including the weekly meeting with the prime minister and the now usual virtual meetings.

Then the Royal Windsor Horse show started yesterday (but where the Queen made a secret visit this week because her horses are competing in the competition too) the actual start of a month of great celebrations for the Queen’s jubilee. Who, as a tribute to her passion for horses, had had her photograph taken with her two ponies for her 96th birthday.

The presence of the sovereign at the Royal Windsor Horse Show was expected for the grand finale on Sunday. Instead, the great passion for horse racing and who knows also the desire to send a message that everything – in view of the long weekend of 2-5 June for the celebrations in London of the seven decades of the reign of Elizabeth II – is already today the queen peeped out.

At the grand finale on Sunday the queen will applaud the equestrian performance of the youngest of the Windsor family. According to rumors about the grand finale, the show-celebration will indeed see the active participation of the three children of William and Kate, the heir George but also Charlotte and Louis. And several other great-grandchildren of the queen, with a special role assigned to Lady Louise.

Lady Louise, daughter of the Earls of Wessex (aka Edward and Sophie who in the last months of the Duke of Edinburgh’s life had been particularly close to the Queen’s deceased companion), will in fact have the honor of driving – for the show of the Windsor Show – the competition gig that belonged to the Duke.

Filippo had transformed his passion for driving the gig into a real sport. He even went so far as to code and design the outfit himself, the most suitable running clothing. And her niece Louise inherited the same passion as Philip. And in the death of his grandfather, also his gig and his ponies.

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Queen Elizabeth returns to the Royal Horse Show in public: smile and sunglasses

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