Queen Elizabeth, the letter from Andrew the “favorite” son: “The world criticizes me, but you have always understood me”

There is an atmosphere of melancholy anticipation in London which today will pay its last homage to Elizabeth II, the longest-lived and most beloved queen in British history. It will be a great day, which will remain etched in the memory of the million people who will witness the passage of the coffin and also of the four billion inhabitants of the world who will follow the ceremony on TV. Horse Guard’s Parade, St Jame’s Park, the Mall, Green Park and Wellington Arch were already full of people last night: many spent the night waiting, wrapped in blankets for the cold that came suddenly, comforted by volunteers carrying hot tea and food. The queue to pay homage to the Sovereign continued into the night until the announcement of its closure at 10.40 pm (11.40 pm in Italy). While a thank you to the country from King Charles III closed the day before: “In the last ten days, my wife and I have been so deeply touched by the many messages of condolence and support we have received from this country and from all over the world”.

Queen Elizabeth, direct funeral: princes George and Charlotte will follow the coffin. Buckingham Palace releases an unpublished portrait

The family

Everything would be really perfect if the family did not continue to create problems for the Sovereign, because every day there is one. Yesterday Prince Andrew, humiliated for having been forced to parade in tight instead of uniform after the Epstein scandal, made known a letter to his mother. A moving proof of affection, but also a clear attempt to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of public opinion: “Mom writes the prince under a beautiful photo of him as a newborn in Elizabeth’s arms about your love for a child, your compassion, your care, I will treasure your trust forever ». The world criticizes me, but you understood me and loved me, Andrea seems to say, and “I had the honor and privilege of serving you as her mother and Majesty”.
Harry’s whining also never ends. It became known that the prince was “devastated” and “heartbroken” when he realized that the uniform he was finally allowed to wear at the wake of his grandchildren had been removed the initials ER, Elizabeth Regina, which he wore on his shoulder pads. The sovereign’s figures are granted only to those who are in the service of the monarch and therefore it was right to remove them. But Harry noticed that Uncle Andrea had instead kept them in his Vice Admiral’s uniform and threw a tantrum. Buckingham Palace officials can’t take it anymore and hope the Sussexes will return to America soon.
Elizabeth’s body will leave Westminster Hall today at 11.44 am (Italian time) and will be placed on the Navy gun carriage on which her mother and father were already taken to burial. At 11.52 he will arrive at the West Gate, the main entrance of the Abbey, which will be the only one to cross. All those invited to the funeral will have already entered through the side entrances.
In church, the great of the world will wait for her: heads of state and government, kings and queens who have come to pay her the utmost homage. But there will also be the most loyal servants and the 200 common people that the Queen had included in the honors list for her 96th birthday: many are doctors, nurses and volunteers who have fought against Covid.

The most moving moment will be when a trumpeter will play The Last Post, the poignant melody that is performed at soldiers’ funerals, to greet those who have done their duty and can now rest in peace. When the last note has faded into the church air, the two minutes of silence for the whole town will begin. Public buses will also stop, and their engines will shut down.
Elizabeth will leave the Abbey where she married, was crowned and received her last blessing at 1pm, after the performance of the national anthem. In the procession there will probably also be Prince George, 9 years old, son of William and Kate. Hundreds of thousands of people will wait in concentration, in the silence broken only by the bell of Big Ben. A unit of sailors will pull the cannon carriage with the coffin, on which there will be the scepter, the globe and the imperial crown, to the Arch of Wellington, not far from the place where the house that Elizabeth had lived stood on Piccadilly as a child. There, when she learned that her father had become her king, her sister Margaret of her said to her, “So you will become queen too?” Poor you”.

The castle

The coffin will be loaded onto the royal hearse, which will take it to Windsor Castle. It was decided, in order to allow more people to give Elisabetta her final farewell, to give up traveling on the M4 motorway, but to follow state roads at low speed. The journey will take perhaps more than two hours. In St George’s Chapel there will be a double funeral: first Elizabeth will be buried in the Royal Vault next to her husband Philip, and soon after, in a strictly private form, the two coffins will be transferred to the nearby King George VI Memorial Chapel, where her father already rests. the Queen’s mother and sister. The tombstone will close as people are still flocking to the subway stations to return home, preparing for what seemed impossible: to live without her as her Queen.


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Queen Elizabeth, the letter from Andrew the “favorite” son: “The world criticizes me, but you have always understood me”

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