Queen Elizabeth, why did she always wear bright colors? The motivation is very serious

How can we forget the vitamin sets of Queen Elizabeth II? Nobody knows the reason for this choice and she was not tied to fashion.

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There Queen Elizabeth II she will be remembered for being the most loved and long-lived sovereign of all time, with her 70 years of flawless Kingdom. Not only that, in fact the Sovereign has always chosen to wear clothes with bright colors and nuances that certainly did not go unnoticed.

A lot of people have always thought it was there fashion of the moment, but the truth is different and the reason is very serious. Let’s find out together why the choice of these so vitaminic colors?

Queen Elizabeth, how important was fashion?

Among the many things that liked the Queen Elizabeth II, fashion was certainly one of them. An icon of undisputed style, she never made a mistake with the combination of hat and bag, attracting attention with her outfits in bright and decidedly bright colors.

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Today England is mourning for having lost it forever, even if his memory will certainly not pass and the story he wrote will be found in the pages again in many years. He left this world at the age of 96 and now it’s time for Charles III to reign him.

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THE messages have been many, some have defined the Queen as a pillar for entire generations, while others have belittled her figure and remembered her as a privileged elderly lady. Despite this, she has reigned for a long time and will always be remembered for being one of a kind.

It has been defined as a Sovereign of two centuries, with a path that has gone through many political and social events. Leaving aside the serious questions for a moment, let’s find out why she used these bright colors adopt for her looks.

Why did the Queen only wear bright colors?

Vitamin pastel shades who have left their mark, with clothing studied in detail that has written the rules of fashion and bon ton. In an interview for the British media, the Queen confessed she loves the color black but can only wear it for special events.

In her wardrobe there have always been colorful dresses, albeit sober and elegant. It was the main feature of him, together with the caps that embellished the outfit of the moment.

He preferred solid colors, but he loved floral prints. She liked her pants but they weren’t often worn for various events, while the string of pearls it was inevitable and worn until the end of its days.

Elizabeth II green dress
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Pastel shades, few people know, they represent a particular and serious choice as per the protocol of the Royal Family. Security always had to recognize Queen Elizabeth II even when she was in a crowd, keeping his eyes on her. With a color like gray or black it would not have been visible, while the vitamin shades allowed for greater control for his safety.

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Queen Elizabeth, why did she always wear bright colors? The motivation is very serious

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