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After a long time the case of Raffaella Carrà’s inheritance reopens. The queen of Italian television is once again making people talk about her and this time she does it with a rare jewel.

She was undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of Italian television, the most influential and loved female character on the small screen. More than a year after her death, the public still mourns her for her enormous talents as a singer, actress, dancer, presenter and showgirl.

Raffaella Carrà’s legacy reopens (mondofuoristrada.it)

Raffaella Carrà, the undisputed queen of Italian television

His debut dates back to the 50s and since then his face has become a point of reference on the national and above all international scene. Her success in more than seventy years has led herindeed, even overseas.

Raffaella Carrà, in fact, has become a world icon reaching her greatest success in Spain and Latin America. Of her the unforgettable songs of her then became catchphrases like Happy birthday, Noise, Pedro, you start making love, later translated into many languages.

Furthermore, Raffaella Carrà was the creator and presenter of national successes of television entertainment such as Hello, Raffaella?, Carramba, what a surprise! and Carramba, what luck!. Always point of reference for millions of fans, today his death is still mourned.

The auction of Raffella Carrà’s fireball

Now the queen of Italian television is making headlines again because an ad has appeared on the netauction of your car. We are talking about one Lexus LS 400 from 1999 kept in excellent condition. The auction base from which the offers start is fixed at €12,000but from a technical estimate the car is valued at around €36,000.

Obviously its value also increases due to the fact that it belonged to an icon famous all over the world. There Lexus it is precisely there UCF 20 version. The car is registered in Madrid where the showgirl lived for many years and was owned by a company that belonged to Raffaella.

The auction for Raffaella Carrà's car (mondofuoristrada.it)
The auction for Raffaella Carrà’s car (mondofuoristrada.it)

The car is in excellent condition as it was stored for the entire period in the garage of the apartment, until it was sold by lifelong partner, Sergio Japino. The announcement states that the vehicle has been used occasionally and, therefore, preserved in an excellent manner. The odometer reading is fixed at 28,000 km and the Lexus is fully serviced. This is a little gem with tires dating back to 2006 with plenty of tread left.

A detail, which certainly enhances the offer, is the fact that some of Raffaella’s personal effects are kept inside the car Carrà, like maps, sweets, a lighter and music CDs. The offer, therefore, is one not to be missed. And we are sure that many will participate in the auction to grab one of the historic pieces of the legacy of the unforgettable Raffaella Carrà.

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Raffaella Carrà, another chapter on inheritance opens: the car of the queen of variety is going to auction | What a luxury – Mondofuoristrada.it

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