Royal family, who goes up and who goes down: Anna the favorite, Andrea is at risk in the Royal Family the balances change

Who goes up and who goes down in the royal family? The death of the Queen shuffles the cards and all the members “take a step forward in the line of succession to the throne”, explains Domenico Savini, historian of the royal houses.

Charles III reminds him of Edward VII, the eldest son of Queen Victoria who arrived at the throne late in 1901, at the age of 60. “No one would have bet on him, yet he reigned until 1911 and was an excellent monarch, he gave birth to the Edwardian age.”

Thanks to the step forward of 23 descendants of the Queen, the Duke of Cambridge William will become Prince of Wales as Charles was, and Duke of Cornwall because out of respect for Diana, Camilla was only Duchess of Cornwall and not Princess of Wales.

“The changes had been planned for some time – explains Savini – and the King decides everything, but certainly the important choices had been made with his mother alive”. The thorniest decision concerns Charles’s bride, Camilla, because not being united in religious marriage, technically she could not have acquired the title of “Queen consort” and the King would not have had a wife “up to his rank, in this Elisabetta case imposed with her authority the less painful choice and more in keeping with the times: the King’s wife could not be a princess ».

King Charles will inherit the castles of Balmoral in Scotland, then Sandrigham House, in Norfolk, and Windsor. «But I – says Savini – I have the feeling that Charles III will no longer follow the lifestyle of his mother who moved from one residence to another, will live in Clarence House in London, and will use Buckingham Palace for official occasions. Carlo could open the residences to the public. I know him and he is a man of strong empathy, sympathy and humanity, democratic for being a prince. He will be close to the people and modernize the image and tenor of the family ».

Andrea, the brother involved in the Epstein scandal, «will be shelved, so far he has enjoyed the protection of the Queen. We will see him at Elizabeth’s funeral, then no more ».

Harry, Carlo’s second son, will live in the USA with Meghan, «even if it is right and nice that he has reunited with his family on this occasion, it is what the grandmother would have liked. Meghan will have to understand that from Hitler onwards, anyone who went against the British royal institution did not end well ».

Third in the dynastic line is George, eldest son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who is 9 years old. After him, Charlotte, who has 7 and a difficult role. “The queens have always given their best for the Crown and Charlotte is formidable, she is so small but her temper makes her look like her great-grandmother, you already see her now that she is a dominatrix with her brothers, women are the strongest figures in that family “.

But the real news could come from Anna, the royal princess, first born female of the Queen, who slipped behind her brothers due to the old law that favored males, but that Charles III, by virtue of the close relationship with her, could replace Andrea in the line of succession. And Anna herself would also bypass Edoardo, of whom it is recalled that he was not even able to finish training as a royal marine and as a TV producer he violated Carlo’s privacy at the time of university.

“Nice or unpleasant, Anna is very active in the royal family – says Savini – Pungent character, a real Windsor woman of power. Then Harry and Meghan, difficult and rebellious characters ».

Carlo will take care of putting things in order, «he will do his duty as he has learned in all these years of waiting. And that he will change everything, as the Leopard said, so that everything remains as it is ».


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Royal family, who goes up and who goes down: Anna the favorite, Andrea is at risk in the Royal Family the balances change

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