Samantha De Grenet: “With the tumor I have seen my body change”

November 27, 2022 6:49 pm

Guest at “Verissimo” the showgirl tells the pain of the disease: “I locked myself in the bathroom to cry”

Guest in the living room of “Verissimo” Samantha De Grenet recounts one of the most difficult moments of his life: the period in which he had to face the cancer. “I hid from my parents because I didn’t want to make them suffer. I told them what was happening to me very lightly. But it wasn’t a walk in the park” the show girl confides to Silvia Toffanin. “When we talk about cancer, we talk about the disease and what physically happens because it is visible. What we don’t talk about is everything the psychological part that is difficult to explain“.

Samantha De Grenet With the tumor I have seen my

And he continues: “There are times when the body changes as well as the way to approach life. You don’t recognize yourself, you don’t accept yourself and the people around you suffer from your mood swings even if you try in every way to hide them. Therefore you lock yourself in the bathroom crying and then move on. You realize that you are an extremely lucky person because you have people next to you who love you and who help you overcome the disease along with all the inconveniences that come afterwards. There are many women who don’t have this luck, they face the disease alone because they are abandoned by people who can’t handle this thing”.

Still in a delicate phase of his illness, Samantha De Grenet trust you still have two years of therapy to face: “From a psychological point of view, I have accepted the change and also my body which is different from what I had before. That’s okay, I hide the defect and move forward. Today I look at myself and what I see is fine with me. made peace with myself.”

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Samantha De Grenet: “With the tumor I have seen my body change”

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