Sanremo 2023, Chiara Ferragni: “My compensation goes to the fight against violence against women”

Chiara Ferragni’s words on social media – “I am proud to announce that I have donated the entire fee for my participation in the Sanremo Festival to the DiRe association (Women on the Net against violence) – explains Chiara Ferragni on Instagram – In Italy, today more than ever, there is need to speak and do something concrete against male violence against women.This is why I chose to support DiRe an Italian association that manages over 100 anti-violence centers and more than 60 shelters throughout Italy, you can do it too by going to their site and by donating. I got to know the President of DiRe and some of the operators who work in the field every day, they are the true heroines who have convinced me even more to start this path that I hope will evolve in the coming years. thanks also to Rai and Amadeus without whom this initiative would not have been possible”.

Chiara Ferragni: “I am a victim of psychological violence” – Ferragni underlined that she herself has often been the victim of psychological violence: “Physical violence is easier to recognize, for me it is more important to talk about psychological violence, of which I myself have been a victim. There are attitudes that should not endure, which must be recognized to say ‘I don’t deserve it’…”. Chiara from the Ariston stage will talk about this and how “it is difficult to get out of these situations if we normalize them. I agreed to be co-host because I want to raise awareness of these issues among the Italian public”.

The emotion and fear of co-leading Sanremo 2023 – Chiara Ferragni in recent days has talked about Sanremo 2023 and confessed that as the days go by, she begins to “get wet”. And two days ago she appeared alongside Giovanna Civitillo, wife of Amadeus. Immediately after the announcement of his presence at the Ariston he had declared: “There was the very exciting announcement of Sanremo, I had the tremors until last night, when I went to bed. It will be a great adventure: I have many ideas , I hope I don’t disappoint you, and I hope you like it. For the rest, I will try my best. I wanted to thank you for all the support and all the nice messages, videos and all the things I’m reading… big kiss, I love you”.

A digital entrepreneur with 28 million followers – Thirty-five years old, over 28 million followers, the digital entrepreneur whom Senator Liliana Segre invited to visit the Shoah Memorial “because she knows how to speak to young people” and for whom Uffizi director Eike Schmidt acted as a guide through the halls of Gallerie, making the number of visitors skyrocket, has revolutionized the world of fashion – since she founded her blog, The Blond Salad in 2009 (she celebrated 13 years since its birth) – and beyond, becoming a model with her husband Fedez for the new generations who use digital as a means of communication, denunciation, business.

Chiara Ferragni’s relationship with Sanremo – Ferragni’s possible presence at the Ariston had already been talked about in 2016, with Carlo Conti’s management (“Right now I’m not interested in this type of experience”, she specified), but even in recent years she has always been at the top of the leak list. In 2021 she had made her ‘call to arms’ of the millions of followers in support of her husband discussed and Francesca Michielin: on the wave of televoting, the duo had gone from 17th place to the triad which had then fought for the final podium.

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Sanremo 2023, Chiara Ferragni: “My compensation goes to the fight against violence against women”

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